Nicest ferrari yuve seen?

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  1. Hey guys:

    What is the nicest Ferrari you've ever seen, and where did yu see it???

    When i was going to shuel, i passed a Dino GT. Holy was beautiful. From 200 ft. away I thought it was an old can am mclaren, but as we got closer i realized it was something a whole lot nicer!
  2. Well, it depends on your definition of "nicest." Some of the highlights would be 250 GTOs, 250 TRs, 330 P4, F2004s, Enzos, and F40s. For me it is more a question of which important Ferraris I have not see in the metal/carbon. I have seen them everywhere from Lime Rock Park in Connecticut to Laguna Seca in California.
  3. ive seen all the road cars made after 1975 or so

    p3, p4,
    all the 250 series

    yea... ive seen lots. dont know which was the "nicest" but my favorite is 57 250tr
  4. Former Goaltender Hockey star Patrick Roy's Ferrari.

    Pics I took of that car.
  5. Roy used to play here for the Avalanche. Hell of a goalie, V8. Anyways, the nicest Ferraris I have seen have to be the following;

    dark green 330GTC
    a BADASS red F40LM
    yellow Dino 246
    silver 456GT
    a timeless red 250 GTO
    a red 365 GTB/4 Daytona
    I saw the aforementioned Ferraris at a Concours D' Elegance last year

    a yellow 318GT in my neighborhood, owned by a guy who bracket races a badass '80 'Vette. Very nice guy, too.

    & a few 360 Spyders, Modenas, 512's, 348's & such at a nearby Ferrari/Maserati/Bentley dealership.
  6. 250 GTO 64. Seeing it in person totally changed my views on the design.
  7. 330GTO, 250GTO, 250LM, 250TR, 288GTO, 166MM etc
  8. but was it one of the 3 real ones?
  9. s/n 06885
    i've always loved this car
  10. Dino's and 328's aren't that great.
  11. 330 P4
    GTO 64
    250 LM
    250 Cali Spyder SWB Uncovered headlights
    575 GTC
    Daytona Comp

    the list goes on and on and on..
  12. The 250TR that won LeMans in 1957.
  13. when did you see the P4??

    and i preffer a SWB Caly Spider WITH covered headlights <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  14. I saw Bardinon's P4 a few times already.

    Saw James P4 too in April 04.
  15. Modona, at the Tucson and going down Kolb road
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  17. Probably my favorite, the Ferrari 355 Berlinetta.
  18. 456GT... my fav... :D
  19. I saw F40, F50 and Enzo at Concorso Italiano last year
  20. frankenstein car! I'm partial to the 20 GTO's I saw once.

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