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  1. I think he was the one that should go to Mclaren, not Raikkonen.

    Nick allready was a testdriver at Mclaren and I think he is a bit better than Kimi<!-- Signature -->
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    No way!! although Heidfeld is talented, Raikkonen is young, first season and he had better results than heidfeld. Mclaren always picks the finns because they are the most logical of the race car drivers
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    True, I think Sauber is starting to really get something going here. If Heidfield stays, they will be even more sucessful in the coming years.
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    I think McLaren made a good choice on Raikkonen. With so little experience, beating people like Irvine, Fisichella (bad example though, with the super-underpowered Renault engine - at the start of the season at least).

    I think this will work for both teams. Sauber have a good driver to keep them up in 4th place, McLaren have young talent to try and get them back into the Number 1 place.

    We'll see next season, I guess.
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    true, raikkonen is McLaren's best choice. but i stopped watching Formula One because of that prick schumacher, i mean, look how he stole the lead from montoya in the last lap of the last race, NO ONE goes side-by-side in a bloody chicane. i hate his "let me past or i'll throw you off the track" attitude. i hope that montoya and raikkonen give him a run for his money next year. (plus, of course, i hope Jaguar get it right this time)<!-- Signature -->
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    How did they manage to get the deal with ferrar to use the previous seasons engines
    <!-- Signature -->
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    Nick Heidfeld should be very very pissed, he was a shoe in for Mclaren and is still contracted to them. also the only reason Kimi didnt go to Ferrari is cause he cant be second. Pull your finger out of your arse you #$%#ing smartarse coulthard will blow him out of the water!!!!!!!
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    I think Mclaren made the right choice in Raikonnen, he will be able to learn alot from Coulthart and can and will become a front runner in formula 1 in a couple of years, but with Schumacher at the end of his racing carrer, I think Raikonnen would have been better suited as Ferrari's #2, learn from the best (at least the best current driver) and take over when Schumacher retires. Don't you think? <!-- Signature -->
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    Sauber loses Red bull as sponsor<!-- Signature -->
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    how did he have better results then Hiedfeld .......hiedfeld had more points....and higher finishes
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    nick heidfeld is the better driver of the two, thats why they let mclaren have raikkonen<!-- Signature -->
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    Raikkonen chose to go to Mclaren and if Heidfeld were the better choice Mclaren would bring him back to the team. Mclaren choses well, They won't make a mistake with Raikkonen
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    Heidfeld should have got the seat, and about Michael Schumcher at the end of his carreer, ha!!!!!! Michael Schumacher is not old he is only 32, he still has at least 2- 3 more years of racing in him, i mean look a Nigel Mansel, 39 years old and he won the F1 championship even with Senna and Prost around!!!!! Age doesn't mean anything, it is about the will to win, the passion, Michael wnats every record and i can garuntee he wont stop till Ferrari and himself have every single one!!!!!!!!
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    I thought Sauber did not want to release Nick Heidfeld and so only Kimi Raikkonen was available
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    Felipe Massa and Nick Heidfeld will take sauber to be one of F1's top 3 teams<!-- Signature -->

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