Nine Cars Discontinued for 2013

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    Each year various models of vehicles are discontinued, and with 2013 around the corner, it’s worth taking a moment to see which vehicles we won’t be seeing on dealership lots starting next year.

    9. Chevrolet Avalanche

    With General Motors getting ready to launch its next generation of full-size pickups based on its new platform, the American automaker has decided to axe the Avalanche from the lineup. Despite being popular when it was first introduced, the Avalanche’s sales have declined over the recent years due to high gas prices and general availability of crew-cab trucks.

    8. Mercedes R-Class

    It’s been well documented that the Mercedes-Benz R-Class would not be making a return to America next year. It’s really no surprise considering the strange station wagon/SUV model only sold a mere 300 vehicles in the first quarter of this year. The R-Class will live on however in China, Mexico, and Canada.

    7. Chrysler Town & Country

    Back in May, we reported that the Chrysler Town & Country would be discontinued while the Dodge Caravan will live on. The decision was made by CEO Sergio Marchionne, who is adamant against product overlap. It’s worth noting that both the Caravan and the Town & Country will hit dealership lots next year, but before it’s over, the Caravan will be the only one left rolling.

    6. Jeep Liberty

    The Jeep Liberty got the official axe when its Toledo plant was shut down in order to prepare for the new Fiat-based Jeep model. It originally hit the market back in 2001 as a replacement for the Jeep Cherokee, and sales reached as high as 171,212 in its first year on the market. In recent years though, sales figures has dropped to a quarter of that figure with the Liberty being criticized as being “noisy, cramped, and outdated” by Consumer Reports.

    5. Kia Sedona

    The Kia Sedona is another outdated model that not surprisingly got the axe for next year. But it appears that the Korean automaker is simply taking a year off for its minivan in order to redesign it for the 2014 model year. Instead of giving up on the minivan market, Kia believes it’s too big to not be a part of, so it was time to go back to the drawing board for vast improvements to the Sedona.

    4. Mazda CX-7

    In order to make way for its CX-5 model, Japanese automaker Mazda has decided to discontinue the CX-7. The CX-5 may be smaller than the outgoing CX-7, but boasts more cargo space and overall interior volume. The CX-5 has already gotten positive reviews, and will help Mazda be more strategic in competing with other automakers in the same market, such as Honda and Ford.

    3. Mitsubishi Eclipse

    The Mitsubishi Eclipse has really lost a lot of its luster in recent years and the Japanese automaker ceased production on its sports car model back in August of last year. It’s a sad ending to a sports car that was immensely popular back in the late 90s when it came equipped with a turbocharged 4G63. Sadly in an age where every automaker is finding a way to turbocharged their powerplants, Mitsubishi has allowed its Eclipse to fade away into the darkness.

    2. Volvo C70

    The end of the Volvo C70 model was announced last year, marking the end of the Swedish automaker’s attempt at selling a convertible model. The C70 was introduced onto the market back in 2006 and never caught on, seemingly out of place in Volvo’s traditional sedan lineup of safe and sturdy vehicles. That’s probably why it’s no surprise that Volvo has no plans of building a successor.

    1. Lexus HS 250h

    Last but not least is the Lexus HS 250h model, which has been popularly known as a glorified Toyota Prius. The Japanese automaker actually stopped production on the hybrid sedan model back in January of this year, and only four were sold last month. The strange model along with its premium price tag clearly wasn’t attractive on the market. Undoubtedly though, the Lexus ES 300h will fare much better.
  2. The only sad news is the R, I guess, which is one of the few cars of Mercedes I do like
  3. Yeh I like the R Class, and the C70
  4. So mitsu doesn't make a coupe anymore? That's odd. I wonder if they have something on tap to replace it?
  5. The only car in that list that I care about is the Volvo, obviously. I really do like the C70. I have since the first gen.
  6. 250h is lol, a prius with different trim for THOUSHANDS MORE
  8. this and the eclipse

    eclipse used to be a cool dsm car
  10. Remember when the avalanche was marketed as the worlds only suv/pickup convertible? I've never ever seen one in suv-guise and I think it was a feature axed in mere months.

    Also, I'm glad the eclipse is dead. It's a shadow of it's former self and an easy way to tell if someone is a d-bag pollock. They should bring back the Starion to attack the subbie/toyota thing.
  11. I kind of like the Volvo C70.
  12. Built by Pininfarina. It's sad that they're closing the factory.
  13. I agree, but I also miss the Liberty. Yes, it was crude, and yes, it was poorly made but I appreciate that there was still space in the market for a compact SUV that was actually rugged, and not a econobox in a fat suit. I hope its replacement does the Jeep heritage proud.
  14. Man the cx7, good bye sweet prince
  15. I kinda agree with this, as there really aren't any cheap suv's left that are actually built for off road use. Only one I can think of is the nissan xterra. The liberty really wasn't very good though. I think I mostly hated it because of how small it was on the inside.

    Also sad about the c70, as I though it was a nice looking car.
  16. Speaking of small on the inside. My only real memory of a Jeep is getting in a mid 90s Cherokee as an early teen and being surprised at how small it was inside.
  17. Ah yes, the rear doors were built for munchkins and there was no leg room back there. I also reserve a special place in hell for the guy that decided to put the spare upright in the cargo hold. I couldn't fit an intact bike into the back without folding the rear bench down, either. I kind of want one again though. Completely un-stoppable off-road for something built to haul kids to soccer practice.
  18. I was probably 13 at the time and my head was brushing on the headlining.
  19. My dad had an 85 cherokee, and the first thing he did was buy a tailgate mount for the spare tire so it wouldn't take all the cargo room inside. That being said, I like the old cherokees, and I honestly think they were more roomy than the current liberty that is being discontinued.
  20. well in the mid 90s they werent built for soccer moms were they m8
    suv craze started later innit
  21. Way back when the Cherokee debuted in the mid 80's it was seen as a girly vehicle for trips to the mall. When you consider what else was on the market (this was pre-Pathfinder and 4Runner), a compact unibody wagon amongst truck-framed behemoths was kind of radically un-truck. You had the Suburban, the K5 Blazer, the Bronco, the Land Cruiser, the CJ, the Grand Wagoneer, the RamCharger,...and the cute li'l Cherokee.
  22. I'm not shocked with Mitsu dropping the Eclipse, they haven't done shit with that car since the 3rd gen came out.

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