Nismo: Great car!

Discussion in '1997 NISMO 400R' started by Iceman00, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. this car is wonderful. how many 400hp cars get near the 200 mark, plus it no v10 no v8 its an I6. a masterpiece. When people compare cars the aways go to the most pwoerful and fastest modle. I belive the chevy still make just regular corvettes that have like 350+ and the Zo6 has 405. the Zo6 then is the tuned modle of the corvette. Same goes for the mustang. A honda accord v6 (200hp)has more than a mustang V6 (190) but they never compare the regular models.So if they want to compare they should compare those cars to this. I love this car. Also this is a 97' modle so lets compare to other 97' (98 if needed) modles. I will not compare price because this is not the price for a nismo in japan.
    Nismo:top speed: 198
    97'corvette:top speed: 171
    98 mustang Super stallion :top speed: 175
    98'Viper GTS-R:top speed: 185
    Wieght (lbs)
    Nismo: 3417
    98 mustang Super stallion:4081
    98'Viper GTS-R:: 3419
    Nismo: 4wd
    97'corvette: rwd
    98 mustang Super stallion:rwd
    98'Viper GTS-R:rwd
    Nismo: 400
    98 mustang Super stallion:545
    98'Viper GTS-R:460
    Nismo: 347
    97'corvette: 350
    98 mustang Super stallion:495
    98'Viper GTS-R:500
    Nismo: 6
    97'corvette: 8
    98 mustang Super stallion:8
    98'Viper GTS-R: 10
    Best overall
    Nismo: great

    98'Viper GTS-R: ok performance from a v10. The corvettes v8 did almost better than this.

    97'corvette: really good very well banlced but the nismo just seemed to do better in every catagory and with less hp it kept up. But not close enough with the viper

    98 mustang Super stallion: piece of crap, this is expected mustangs never do good in comparison test. And it had more hp then any other car in the pack. in car and drivers comparison test a Mustang corbra R lost to a viper and Corvette. They suck i don't even see why ford trys.


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