Nissan 250Z? (Azeal) Concept REVEALED, NOW!

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    Nissan tales new look at 'pocket rocket' with Azeal

    By Dale Jewett
    Automotive News / December 20, 2004

    Nissan says the Azeal concept that will be at the Detroit auto show next month is a fresh look at the "pocket rocket" high-performance small car segment.

    This sketch of the concept gives the impression that the Azeal could also be called the "Mini Z," with similarities in the roof line and fenders to Nissan's 350Z sports car.

    The Azeal is the first concept created at the design studio in Nissan's technical center in Farmington Hills, Mich.

    The automaker is searching for a successor to the Sentra that has more emotional appeal. The Sentra is scheduled to be redesigned for either the 2006 or 2007 model year.

  2. it would be nice if thy made it a little bit less uglier.
  3. The looks of most new cars are going to shit.
  4. except for the current 350, most Nissan's have that goofy Renault look... (they're still the boss), which i don't like.

    i also don't like the awkward door window shape, it looks like sleekness "backwards", similar to a recent "future" Mitsubishi Eclipse concept.


    but the idea of a smaller more affordable "250Z" is appealing.
  5. It seems unlikely that they'd call it a 250Z since Nissan's never had two different Zs existing at the same time. It'd most likely be a Silvia or something of the sort.
  6. I think the looks are timeless.
  7. And I think the Mazda6 is fast.
  8. It can drift like w0ah though...
  9. I like that shit...
  10. That looks so much worse than the Silvia/SX.
  11. And it will be totally JDM with my 1/4" MDF glued together DIN box for my smokes and lighter, and paint it black!
  12. It's only a drawing.
    I think it looks cool.
  13. Been a non-smoker now for awhile.

    But it sure and hell beats an intake made from the pepboys ricer isle. LOL

    I'm a painter by trade (well I used to paint for a living) and I have painted numerous bicycle frames for Moots and santa cruz customers as well as hundreds of houses. That sure and hell beats saying "I helped a lady fix a flat tire on her mini van" at the end of the day.
  14. Maybe I should go get some Gutter Guard from Lowes to protect my radiator (Even though the condensor sits in front of it on every car) from those ever deadly radiator destroying rocks! Plus it looks hot!
  15. What condensor?

    For us turbo car owners, (you know those who run under 14 seconds unlike 99% of mazda6 owners) we like to protect our intercoolers too which cost more than you have spent on your cars mods all together

    I'm flattered that you are reading all my posts but I'm concerned that you have no life. You will be online all night where as I will be leaving here shortly to go have a little fun with a few friends and the little lady with the Z's...the weather has been outstanding here lately....time to take the FAST car out <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  16. Just make sure to double check your turbos, that they are all secured and not dangling by a single bolt.
  17. you mean stud.

    The previous owner must have taken it to pepboys.

    LOL, weak.
  18. Probably should of taken it to Pep Boys to replace that power steering line, it only took us an hour to replace one on a Z32TT. It took you a couple of days didn't it?
  19. that looks awesome
    what are you guys on about?
  20. about 8 hours over 2 days.

    It took you 1 hour yet it takes most "seasond" Z mechanics about 3-4 hours.
    How do I knmow this is BS?

    People with Z's don't take their cars to pepboys
  21. No response to that one huh? LOL
  22. Really? And when exactly did you paint for a living?

    According to YOUR own words on your CreamOfTheCrop7 account on TwinTurbo.NET you claimed to be 21 years old on 10/09/03 (pic 01)

    On 07/10/02 you said you were unemployed (pic 02)
    On 08/02/02 you again stated you were unemployed (pic 03)
    On 07/17/03 you claim to have finally gotten a job after 2 years of unemployment. The job is working at Utiliquest making $11.50 an hour. After checking out Utiliquest's website it doesn't seem like they are painting much of anything.

    See this is the problem with lying on the internet. It's very easy to prove you're full of shit.

  23. Mitchell Labor Guide doesn't pay 3-4 hours and it doesn't take 3-4 hours to do. Hell if I still had my Chilton's CD I would take a screenshot from the Chilton Labor Guide as well to show you it doesn't pay 3-4 hours either.

    Yeah people with Z's only come to Pep Boys to buy CRC Brake Quiet to keep their Axxis Metal Masters from squealing due to all the brake dust they produce. Since when do Porsche calipers come with Axxis Metal Masters anyway?
  24. ok, ok,

    Azeal should be called... 250SX

    i wish they would get rid of their milk crate grill, it's too 'chevrolet', ugly like the regular sentra.

    or maybe they'll up the capacity to 260SX

  25. Starting your own business doesn't always work out the way you want it too.

    But I know you couldn't understand that.

    Right now were doing pretty damn good. I left utiliquest a few months after I started. I HAD to find a job because half of our employees left and we have house payments.

    Are you obsessed with me?

    You can TRY to prove whatever you want...putting up posts from over a year ago doesn't look too convincing.

    I must say it was pretty damn nice being unemployed for 2 years. Those were good times.

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