Nissan 250Z? (Azeal) Concept REVEALED, NOW!

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by Xzotyqar, Dec 18, 2004.

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  2. The only think you’ve painted is a portrait of your sad life.
  4. Yep you are obsessed with me.

    I'm starting to question your sexual preferance too.

    Too bad ford man looks the way he could hit that shit.
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    You have to understand the Superlativeone is just retarded like that. He’ll still try to argue long after he has been proven wrong.

    A great example was a thread before your time. He claimed to have installed a fuel pressure regulator on his friend’s 1999 Mustang.

    I pointed out to him that in 1999 Ford went to a returnless fuel system and that the part would not only have no effect but there wasn’t even a place to install it.

    So his stupid ass tells me the summit racing part number and goes “I pity you”.

    So I scanned the Summit Racing page, including part number, where it specifically stated it wouldn’t fit a 1999 Mustang GT.

    Would you believe his dumbass still tried to argue that it fit?
  7. Hey! that's not before my time... I was here... and I saw/remember that.
  8. i'd hate to earn forum 'stars' the way some of you folks here do.
  9. it looks so 90's
  10. What do you mean?
  11. no explanation is needed.

    if you know i don't mean you, then you should not worry about it.

    i think innotech knows what i mean.
  12. new 240SX, please, new 240SX.

    well, it'd be 250SX. Not a KA, but a QR probably. But still, the concept of a front longitudinal mounted QR25DE with, say, 175 horses, a 5 speed manual and a limited slip with rear wheel drive... say, 2700lb curb weight... that'd be fun!
  13. Could someone PLEASE fill me in? For the engine call letters/numbers (i.e. RB26DETT) I know the 26 is displacement and the TT is Twin Turbo, and the R is inline, but what's the B, D and E? and on the new QR25DE? What's the Q? Help!
  14. especially japanese car designs!

    the americans on the other hand are not going too over the top with the futuristic look, their designs on some cars actually like the mustang are going retro which i prefer.
  15. This is that saddest thing i've read in awhile.
  16. reminds me of a scion tc minus the front headlights
  17. It looks like they blended an Audi TT with a 3fiddyZed
  18. yea i was thinking audi/nissan too. i like it.
  19. Is that the drawing you provided the link to in the first post? The link doesn't work for me now.

    I really hope Nissan do make a Silvia replacement that fits below the 350Z. I don't even care if they don't call it Silvia anymore, so long as it's RWD and makes around 200bhp while being reasonably light. It would give me something to trade my S14 in for.
  20. front looks a bit like a tt
  21. i think it looks cool
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    try it again:

    AutoNews have secured their website a bit more now due to my postings...

    or, instead, look to Nissan media, since the news embargo is now lifted:


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    Ace. Cheers.

    If it were manufactured looking like, or very similar to that, with enough power and reasonably low weight, I'd trade the S14 in for it.
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    really sexy lines there..

    could easily be the best looking car from japan ever, if they'd stick to this drawing. imo
  25. I like the idea of a 250Z

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