Nissan brings Mercedes rival to UK

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  1. Nissan has announced it is to launch its upmarket Infiniti brand of cars in the UK from 2008.

    Already a successful range of luxury and sports models in North America, the Middle and Far East, the Infiniti range will be sold through "a dedicated dealer network" according to Nissan's official statement, though it seems likely this will be an adjunct to the existing Nissan network, rather than entirely new showrooms.

    The Infiniti cars will compete directly with Lexus, BMW and Mercedes, but may spell the end of the top-end Nissans, such as the 350Z coupe, as they may be replaced with their Infiniti equivalents. In the case of the much-loved 350Z, this is the Infiniti G35, a slightly smoother coupe more in the mould of a 3-series BMW.
  2. Can't wait to see the results of sales after a year. Hope they do well!
  3. Why would the 350Z dissappear, they are both availible in the states Aren't they? Also one is a 2 seater, the other a 4 seater; seems weird.
  4. do the g45's have the same tacky plastic interior of the 350z?
  5. lol, I didn't know they weren't sold in the uk.
  6. You mean G35? No, those interiors are more upscale, with less plastic. Particularly the '05 and later models (real aluminum trim).
  7. Wow, I feel a few years younger already.
  8. i dont think they are going to do that well
  9. i really don't understand how this would make the sales of 350z's go down. yes they are made by the same company, but they are two very different cars. would people in Europe just be more likely to buy a luxury version?
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  11. I'd rather have a Mercedes.
  12. Aren't there already Skylines being privately imported into the UK?

    I saw a few when I was there 6 months ago...
  13. i have a couple of G35's in the U.K, but i hope nissan doesnt expect them to be a runaway success, they will only sell in small numbers
  14. Yeah I found that add as hell too, I thought the 2 seaters were only apparant for the roadster version.

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