Nissan considering taking over Mitsubishi Motors

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  2. Mitsubishi shares are way down, so it's a good time to buy. They've sort of disappeared in recent years and only sell one or two models at a time, but they make good cars. They sell better than expected here. They've got cool electric motor technologies and a good grip on some cheap, 2.5-world cars.

    Does this include Mitsubishi's (**** that's an annoying name to type) non-automotive businesses as well?
  3. Mitsubishi was always one of the cooler brands to me to come from Japan, they had this edge I can't really explain. Though this may also be melancholy as in my early childhood (say age 3-9) my parents had this bright red Mitsubishi Colt which was light/nimble according to them. I think I'm gonna make a topic in Car Pictures about cool looking Mitsubishis (it's alright to type lol) or something
  4. In the late 80's/early 90's the Lancer was the first compact car sold in Israel that offered an automatic transmission and 4 power windows as standard. It was a game changer and a best-seller. You still see those on the roads.

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  5. When I was a kid, my older brother's GF had one of those as her first car. It was brown and kinda shitty, so I just called it the "Poo".
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  6. Makers of my favourite Japanese cars no 1 and no 2 merging? Sounds great to me. I would love to see the engineers at Mitsubishi bring out a 510 Datsun re-make with the Evo Drivetrain.
  7. Im a big fan of Mitsibishi. Super reliable cars and really would hate to see them go. So with Nissan taking over, id like a 370z/evo hybrid plz
  8. That's less likely to happen than Jesus returning.
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  9. Why the 510? Why not a car that wasn't known for being an awesome rear wheel drive car?

  10. I had one of he's when I was young for about a month. but it was a dodge 2000gtx

    Edit: nevremind. it was a rebodied Galant. not Lancer.


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