Nissan GT-R: 7:50 at the Nurburgring

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by ajzahn, Nov 24, 2007.

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  2. Why is that? They don't have to be consecutive anyway. Bottom line- This is a fast car. There are many other fast cars. This one, like all the other skylines, is overrated. It will NOT run 11s in the quarter. It will not be a world beater. Its heavy and AWD. The tuners will gut it and make it fast on the track. But stock, not so much.
  3. I think your Z28 can take it anyday anytime.
  6. Does anyone know what the air temperature was? Cool air is going to really help a turbocharged engine with intercoolers, more than it helps a NA motor.

    I will wait for the supertest.
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    and on annother note, just recently top gear finished up testing the gt-r.

    im not sure when it will air. anyone know?

    top gear never tests on the ring.. they have there own track and the stig. they also test on a runway for top speed. IF top gear did in house testing we will see a larger picture, but if top gear only had some time behind the wheel at a differnt location then we will not get a whole picture (whole as whole as it could be from top gear).

    German SportAuto gave a short Pre- review, they have tested it for app. 100 km on the Nurburgring and attest that it is a great car that plays in the high roller class. -That's not typical for them to say that about a new car,especially a japanese. The R34 didn't get the best reviews back in the day.
    Quick summary:
    -Impressive brakes,
    -very tasty and top quality interior design,
    -no doubt about factory numbers of 0-100 km/h and top speed,
    -great sounding engine,
    -pulls like a bull from idle to red area without any dents in the power curve, -torque curve is compared to the table mountain,
    -impresses with a yet unknown engine response,
    -great double clutch system, so nothing like a turbo lag
    -4WD (still ATESSA?) is praised to work very good without braking the driver
    -AND most interesting: first test drive time around the ring was 7:50 although there was a wet passage in an important curve in Kesselchen area.

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    Wow, as much as I prefer the older R34 GTR to this, I was very much blown away at the braking performance of the GTR in the GTR vs Zonda comparision.

    You can see the Zonda pulling away in the faster sections but the GTR does catchup slightly through all the medium corners and braking areas.

    *as long as the video is credible.
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    Yeah, heres hoping it does a Stig hotlap. Its the best thing we have for comparisons so far.
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    7:35* -- 159.864 km/h -- Nissan GT-R, 473 PS/1724 kg (*mfr.)
    7.38* -- 161.628 km/h -- Nissan R34 GT-R, *company test driver Suzuki, slick cut tyres, track partially wet*#40

    7.38.56 - 161.578 km/h -- Nissan R32 GT-R
    7:50 --- 157.787 km/h -- Nissan GT-R, 480 PS/1750 kg, Horst von Saurma, partially wet track (sport auto 12/07)

    I also can make video of any car I like to make it faster and the king of the ring, this is the same as doing fast laps on a Playstation
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  19. all I can say is that until a magazine valitates the 7:38, it didnt happen. The 997 GT2 was right on its said time from porsche. The Zonda F was too. This car is 12 seconds slower (and what the head engineer said it would be around). Not all that surprising.
  20. Seriously? What are the lap times and who did them?
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    So can you prove this as a fact?... since you are more than happy to state it like it fact.

    The funny thing is you see them as claiming to be "the king of the ring" even though their submission of 7:38 isnt the fastest production car on the list at all.
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