Nissan GT-R: 7:50 at the Nurburgring

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  1. he was just being like republicans are now. saying anything that rules in there defense no matter how sided it sounds and no matter how the facts are. they use one claim and leave out the rest of the facts... like u said, it wasnt even a supertest and of course we all know how that turned out with vdc on.
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    Hey mindlessoaf heres an amazing r35 vid to add to the collection.

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    That video was darker than your nigger skin.
  4. watch it darkie.
  5. hey ron, how much more does the ZR1 cost than the GTR?

    just curious
  6. Enough to justify moving up to true supercar performance level.
  7. A little bit of straight line speed. Cool.
  8. A real gearbox too.

    But I know youd rather have a glorified altima coupe with a slush box.
  9. Haha ohhh someone's a little defensive!
  10. To anyone who knows why automatics are called slushboxes, calling a dual clutch a "slush box" just seems really ignorant/stupid.
  11. post avatar!
  12. TOLD
  13. i agree with what was said in this post.
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    zr1 supertest...

    read and wheep ron. not as great as you wanted it to be. however the manufactur with knowing the cars limits and abilities shure can shake a stick at it at 7:26, but then again the nissan manufacture can match that time. :`( to bad really. also note that the 7:38 that sport auto did was with vdc ON. both cars didnt have a cage so HvS didnt feel safe pushing the cars to the ragged edge like the manufactures would.

    Looks like the ZR1 is in its element on the smooth, flat Hockenheim club circuit, showing "steadiness, calmness and reliability" at the limit. Power oversteer is always accessible and easily controlled. Here, it seems the quick steering is not a liability.

    On the Nordschleife, it is a different matter. There is a nervousness at high speed which is counterproductive to good lines. Aerodynamics are not balanced for the downforce that is needed on the Nordschleife, although the drag figures are good (better than GM claimed). While lift is reduced compared to the Z06, the ZR1 still produces too much and it is not balanced in how it leaps such as at Quiddlebacher Hoehe (rough translation):
    "The problem is that the axles do not uniformly lose contact with the ground - which would manage the landing perfectly on - but only the lower weight loads and also dominated by a slight boost to the rear axle. The recipe that follows shortly thereafter, extremely fast right turns in the direction of Flugplatz - we say - out of focus resting phase, and address from the correct transfer point is no longer possible after such a bizarre leap into the air.
    The horizontal load changes that have occurred automatically through the mountain and valley profile of the Nordschleife, inasmuch as a somewhat unpleasant consequence is kept as the correct line only with difficulty."

    Basically, the Nordschleife presents a host of issues not found on other (more typical) tracks. And thus those who were predicting a walkover by the ZR1 on the GT-R on the basis of a tight 60-second track result elsewhere (as in the Motor Trend comparo) grossly underestimated some unique properties of the 'Ring.
  15. This looks to be a huge reason as to why the ZR1 fell short of its potential on the 'Ring. If you look at most other 600+ hp cars (Zondas, SLR, CGT, LP640, etc), they tend to have good amounts of downforce. And cars like the GT-R and various Porsches have a much better front-to-rear balance than the ZR1 and produce much less lift. Hell, even the BMW M5 has better balance and creates less net lift.
    This could also be a factor in why the ZR1 falls short in group tests with an emphasis on handling on winding European mountain roads.
  16. I only have a small version of it, but it's the cover picture on the current issue of Road & Track.
  17. This reminds me of... I think it was Car and Driver, a few years back they did a top speed test with a variety of tuned cars and supecars, driven to top speed by Mario Andretti one of them was a twin turbo Lingenfelter C5 Corvette with a basically stock body. I remember it generating a huge amount of lift at high speed, especially at the nose. I think it was capable of well over 200 but they didn't even wanna explore it's limits.
    The problem was never so obvious with the stock Corvette because it just didn't reach those speeds stock. However, now that GM is pushing a stock Corvette into 200mph supercar territory I think they should really take a more serious look at the aerodynamics. A car in this category definitely shouldn't be producing lift at speed.
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    Nazis cant drive.
  19. madness.
  20. looks like aero is its downfall. stupid gm. they know aero is importaint but dissregard it because numbers like HP are better for selling. it was cheaper to just slap together the Zr1 what it is today than to redesign aero and design. just take a stock z06 and modify it just enough to cost 100k. that was the plan and they were very open about it.

    there are plans for a C7 but will it keep its flawed design? or will they start looking at a better full package like porsche and nissan are doing. nissan pioneered it, porsche is following, now its GM's turn, no?
  21. i wouldnt say nissan pioneered it, but they did do something right
  22. glorified altima coupe!
    i love this guy
  23. Coming from a guy w/ a Dixie flag avatar.
  24. I dont know what would be involved but i was thinking to have a tube frame designed and i weld it my self to make the GT-R weigh 2000lbs and maybe look something like an ariel atom.

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