Nissan GT-R Proto revealed...

Discussion in '2005 Nissan GT-R Concept' started by lmp, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. ain't it a new skyline?
  2. lol, what the hell are you talking about. the corvette is already faster than the cts-v, c55 and the rs4 so if the gtr would be faster than the vette, how in hell would those 3 cars. and there are no stats on the new m3 so how did you come up with that assumption. i mean if youre going by the speculated 400hp V8 that is rumored then you should in context the rumors that the gtr will have a twin turbo v6 pumping out 450hp then add the traction of all wheel drive and the think of how fast that might be in a 2 door coupe. lol, too slow to be a serious competitor, i think thats what they said about the R34 gtr, then it lapped the nurburgring faster than the the 911 turbo and then was overtaken by the 996 gt3.

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