Nissan GT-R vs Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by TNThunder, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. Top Gear tested these two on the streets of Tokio and outside the city limits.According to them the GT-R is better.What about you?
  2. Here are some pics!
  3. Now these cars aren`t rivals,but anyway I say GT-R!
  4. RLQ,this is your time!
  5. you couldnt choose the evo over the gtr. the evos just not close enough to compare to the gtr
  6. You make the worst comparisons ever. Holy shit.
  7. Wow! Good comparison man!

    It's a tough one, but I think the GT-R wins this one for me, on account of it #$%#ING KILLS the evo!
  8. Ferrari S2000
  9. I know these cars ain`t rivals-but I want to know which is more liked!!!SO FOR i GOT 100%gt-r AND I`M HAPPY!
  10. make comparisons based on facts/figures not opinions.
  11. OK,you`re right,smellygruby.Sorry,to all the people out there.
  12. The evo X is a POS. Easily the GTR. Even choose an IX over a X
  14. I'm going to ban you if you don't stop this.
  15. So I like the looks of the EVO better and either vehicle is fast enough to me. EVO it is.
  16. ban him already
  17. I'd rather have a 4 door thats still pretty quick for way cheaper.
    But if i was rich enough to have 100 dollar bills fly out my ass id probably pick the GTR
  18. The EVO looks better, but the GT-R is POWARRRR.
  19. What about the fact that he stated that Top Gear compared them together?
  20. Honda F40
  22. This comparison is a joke: a $80,000 500 hp (in real dyno tests, Nissan was conservative with the 480 hp figure) supercar against a $35,000 300 hp heap of junk that's been dumbed down to try to reach a larger market. Maybe the old EVO IX had the hardcore mettle to tangle with the GT-R, but the EVO X is pathetically soft, fat, and slow in comparison to either of these great cars.
  23. Thanks,KRSONe1!

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