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    News of a more expensive and exclusive Nissan GT-R model called the GT-R SpecM has surfaced, thanks to Japanese publication Top Car Magazine.

    The SpecM -- for "GentleMen's Spec," whatever that means -- is said to essentially be a gussied-up SpecV with an even more detailed ,hand-stitched leather cabin, a bevy of dry carbon fiber exterior components, and a wider range of color options.

    Rumor has it, the SpecM will debut at this year's Tokyo Motor Show and will first be sold this December as a 2011 model for around $200,000. Yep, you read that correctly. That's about $30,000 more than ultra-rare SpecV and more than double the cost of a standard U.S.-spec GT-R.

    More concrete official details are expected in the near future, so stay tuned.

    Source: Top Car

  2. What a pointlessly hedonistic POS
  3. dunno who's gonna buy a gtr for that price, but if they can sell it for that, congtars nissan.
  4. If there gunna double the price I'd rather have that silly new double priced ducktail 911
  5. ROFFELS double the cost for some cosmetic pieces... nice.
  6. cant wait to drive this and the regular one in gt5, in the year 2012
  7. If the Spec-M costs in japan about 200000$, it's still cheaper than a 911 turbo witch costs the equivalent of 220000$ in Japan.
  8. Will the transmission last?
  9. Its a Vspec M, not an M spec.

    The car is going to be a great car, but as any over priced car, its usually better to buy something 1/4 the price and put $30k into it. Much like the Nismo Z33's. Great cars from the factory, but that money saved and thrown into a regular z33 would result in a far better car.

    It all depends on your actual ability to build something yourself, or have others do it for you.
  10. totaly stupid car imho. the spec-v is stupid car for the price. these two cars are only for those who have money to piss and want to be exclusive and have a warranty. hell i even seen someone buy a spec-v just to mod it, and remove the 15k usd exhaust out and and put in a cheaper one tho it had better sound and more flow. rofl (this is in singapore iirc).

    stupid chaps if you ask me and nissan will take this and run with it.
  11. fanboys will buy it
  12. For fanboys only.
  13. bla blah fanboy bla blah transmission
  15. Playstation 4 included.
  17. A-rabs will buy it
  18. +1
  19. any wrap it in gold foil or plaid leather
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  22. I would never drive something called a Gentlemen's spec
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  25. thats largely because japan taxes the absolute piss out of imports.

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