Nissan GTR vs Lexus LF-H

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  1. While the skyline/nsx/lfa wont be able to go head to head with a viper(current or next gen), its no reason to hate on them.
  2. And as for the topic, Id take a black with red interior gtr over the LFA in a heart beat.
  3. I dunno what may or may not happen with a hypothetical new NSX, but the GTR and LF-H are both set for being well in Viper territory. Next Gen Viper, who could say? But they will be close in acceleration performance, and the GTR will likely handle better than the current Viper. That said it'd be really, really hard to choose between the Viper and the GTR, but I wouldn't want the LF-H.
  4. LF-A because of the rumors of it having a carbon fiber body
  5. What are the specs of this new Viper everyone keeps talking about? Because with 500bhp, these cars are going to be pretty quick. 911 turbo quick I'd say.
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    First off, I dont think that the gtr will have more than 450hp(Id be really surprised if it does).

    The next viper is supposed to have a 600-650hp NA motor. 0-60 in the 3.5 second range and a sub 8 second 0-100 mph. Top speed should be over 200 mph with that much power. And its supposed to be lighter than the current one too. In the end it should be something like this

    Now while I like to be optimistic, and I dont doubt that the gtr will be an awesome car to drive offering 911 performance for much less, I highly doubt it can go toe to toe with the next viper.

    And the only reason they will even be compared is because of the same price range. Otherwise they will offer two very different driving experiences.
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    I could be wrong, but I highly doubt power is the limiting factor in the current Viper's topspeed.
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    When I say quick I'm not talking about only straight pace. Even with all that horsepower, I don't think the Viper will be much faster than these new Jap cars on a track.
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    Notice that the viper is faster than the 997 turbo on a track that barely has any straights. Also notice the speed it carries through the low speed s-curves. 43 mph compared to the f430s 43.6 mph and the porsches 39.4 . And this viper isnt even the coupe.

    The new vipers handling will only be a step forward unless dodge does something very wrong.

    Again Im not bashing any of the cars mentioned or saying one car is better than the other. Im just making a point that the viper is not a "90k souped up neon" as someone put it, its one of the fastest, best handling cars on sale today and the next one will be even better.
  10. GT-R, cause I don't particularly like Lexus'
  11. Also all of these cars are so high performing that buying one just because it performed better in the hands of experienced race drivers and journalists is stupid, most people will never be able to push it to its limits.
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    Who cares about being 0.00341 seconds faster? When you're splitting hairs it's pointless. They will be in the same performance ballpark.
  13. Youre exactly right, its pointless comparing laptimes mere tenths of seconds apart.
    And as for what will happen, nothing can be said definately now. The gtr might be hiding a monster twin turbo V8 under its hood for all we know. The lexus might turn out to be a racetrack rocket. The next nsx might turn out to be a 500hp flat-plane crank v8 powered f430 killer. Who knows?

    Lets all just wait and see how these cars turn out.
  14. I like the Lexus.
  15. The LF-H looks damn disgusting... Lexus can do much much better.
  16. I can see how the GTR can outrun the Viper on the track. It's likely to have shorter gearing, and if the R34 Z-Tune's tires were any indication, Nissan knows how to properly spec a track-oriented car. The AWD also helps to distribute the power better; the extra power in the Viper won't do any good if can't be put to the pavement.
    And a Viper SRT-10 convertible outrunning the Ford GT on a track...right...

    Those two round vents(?) on the LF-H's rear bumper look like they can become an eyesore.
  17. Those two vents are probably the real exhausts. LF-H, r1cer edition.
  18. i wouldnt be surprised if the lf-h would completely destroy the gtr and turbo, actually. consider that its at the very least as advanced as both and most likely weighs less(if they do keep many things composite as they were mentioning to). the power output should be greater than the turbo and gtr and im inclined to see what tranny they use. iirc the lf-h was supposed to sport a 7 speed manumatic(or whatever u call it), similar to the new M5. i guess time will tell.
  19. Right now GTR. I need to know more about the Lexus before I will choose it.

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