Nissan GTR's for sale in Australia

Discussion in 'Car Classifieds' started by SupraMan, Sep 27, 2008.

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  2. Theres already 3 in Canberra

    A white one, a black one and I dont know the color of the third.
    And the white one was sold through the Nissan dealership (???? Are they officially on sale here yet?)
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  4. I like the white one!
  5. yeah, with all that electronic gimmicks, it can drive upside down, 1g downforce at 0 km/h, incredible, juts look at the G-meter!
  6. White looks awesome
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    But you also make less money than us on average.
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    How many are actually in the country?
  9. 140K + dealer + Stamp + Lux car tax + rego + COF?

    For a piece of shit Datsun?

    "Tell em he's dreaming".
  10. Considering the price of the closest alternatives for sale here, that really is a friggin' bargain.
  11. You can get an NSX for 50k these days.

    I personally don't give a ƒuck how fast its supposed to be, its still just a Nissan.
  12. And the NSX is still just a Nissan, what's your point?

    PS. And the SS is still just a holden commonwhore.
  13. I see them for around 30.000 usd in america somtimes.
  14. And the NSX is a Honda, the GTR heritage goes back way farther than the NSX

    stfu you rookie biitch
  15. Honda = Nissan etc, same shit, different name.

    Can't roll wth europeans or yanks. The japs don't know how to make cars, they know how to make economy.
  16. Crap troll is crap.
  17. Its true. I can think of a handful of Japanese cars that have some sort of spirit behind them, everything else is a box / sewing machne - hair dryer optional.

    All the Japanese ever do is copy something the europeans did 10 years earlier and make it cheaper.

    For the best part of the specs on paper the GTR is only a fraction better than the higher spec 911 993t's.

  18. lets see, handful...


    Early Celica
    All Supra
    Early MR2


    RX-7 ('cept last gen, kinda)


    All EVOs

    All STIs until now

    Just to name a few
  19. "Can't roll wth europeans or yanks."

    haha I recall Skylines rollin with American/Euro cars and shitting on them, same with the NSX
  20. Those are all just cheaper versions of a european car anywhere out to a decade older.

    None of those cars have passion.
  21. Repetitive troll is repetitive.
  22. Lame Internet meme isn't any funnier the second time around.
  23. Lame internet troll isn't funny at all.

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