NIssan in 1969 :/

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  1. I must be confused somehow, wasn't nissan known as datsun back in these years??
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    Yeah, I thought so too.
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    Datsun is purely an american word. Its the the marketing scheme of nissan so that the american public wouldnt see it as so japanese. So, Nissan has always been nissan in japan. In america it was datsun.
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    Nissan was called Datsun in it's early years. But through the seventies Datsun changed their name to Nissan, and maintained the brand Datsun for the markets outside Japan. Then years later the name Datsun totally disappeared.
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    That ain't right. if Nissan wanted their name to not see it as japanese, the name Datsun SOUNDS like japanese.
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    Ya it really does!!

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