Nissan Introduces ‘Steer-by-Wire’ System

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    Nissan continued its reveal of next-gen technologies with an all-new steering system which is fully electric, allowing for independent control of a vehicle’s tire angle and steering input.

    Instead of using a direct steering column that attaches through physical connection to the wheels, Nissan has devised a system of electronic signals which will transmit the steering input from the driver to a servo, which will then control the tires. In theory, the electronic signals travel faster than the conventional steering method, making for a more responsive driving feel.

    Nissan also admits that the system will be able to cancel out unnecessary feedback to the steering wheel, allowing for a more relaxed feel when driving. There are three computers in place to ensure the system stays reliable, and if all system power is lost, a backup clutch will mechanically connect the steering wheel to the wheels ensuring the driver never loses steering control.

    This is the first time a ‘steer-by-wire’ system has been implemented, and has the potential to eliminate steering racks.

    Another important part of the new steering system is a camera that’s mounted above the car’s rear-view mirror. This camera ensures that a car stays in its lane and can signal to the car’s wheels to counteract slight changes in the road ahead, or crosswinds.

    This technology is expected to make its way into select Infiniti models within a year.
  2. Electronic in cars is getting out of hand.
  3. can't wait for this to fail miserably
  4. how on earth will they fake steering feel?
  5. first time? thought forklifts used this system for a while now
  6. unless their traditional steering systems were made of rubber, how the hell are electronic signals and the subsequent reaction of an electric servo motor faster than having your steering wheel directly connected to the steering rack?

    though i like the idea of "canceling out unnecessary feedback". if people can't handle parking because they cant get their eyes and their brain wired together and turn the wheels BEFORE they try to move, I don't expect them to be able to handle a skid/slide without constantly overcorrecting and making the problem worse with every turn of the wheel.
  7. Yeah seriously, taking every other driving situation into consideration, it's gonna be ridiculous to try and 'simulate' the driving properly. **** this I might as well hook up my computer steering wheel to my car and drive, at least I would have force feedback for road feel
  8. its really awesome news for nissan fans.. i love this car.. that's true before even i had few problems with this steering system. But i guess this new steering system going be an answer for all those fault... mostly loved the camera..
    Even i had a nissan micra.. from few days while turning my right side there is a noise from the steering part of the car.... i checked it but could not identify the reason for it.. anyone with any idea regarding this kind of noise...??

    more here
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  10. i think he got V3'd. good old less than sign.
  11. so shitty its ahead of the curve
  12. Steering effort can be estimated by the steering servo's current control signal, or a strain gauge. If you connect a motor to the steering input, and apply a current that is proportional to steering effort (at constant voltage), you'll have a feedback in steering wheel torque that is proportional to steering effort.
  13. They should talk to Logitech and ask them how they did the force feedback for their Driving Force Pro wheel
  14. Srs. If anything good should come out of this, at least we might get better road effect simulation for games lol. Through my years as a racing simulator nerd, I have yet to feel a really really accurate representation of what steering's actually like.
  15. If anything this technology would make things better with less feedback, also allowing the USER to customize the response of the wheel.

    ...until it fails.
  16. Then Nissan should get ready to be sued in crash by wire cases.

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