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    In a somewhat misguided fit of benevolence, Nissan has released a comprehensive series of instructional videos detailing every single feature of its Altima sedan.

    Several of the videos could potentially be of assistance to the technologically impaired, such as those explaining the functions of the navigation system. However, no item, even ones as self-explanatory as power windows or hazard lights, have escaped the automaker’s helpful scrutiny. Animated graphics were even added to clear up any lingering misunderstandings.


  2. This sounds like something Toyota would do.
  3. This sounds like something Nissan did
  4. Wourld they do it anywhere outside America?

  5. that's what I look like whenever Fl3x makes a thread
  6. I mean, that's cool that you have to search for video demonstrations so you'll know how to use your windows, but I think the rest of us have figured it out already
  7. hey easy there bro
  8. i never look like that
    thats kinda how i imagine vanilla ice to look, especially the hair
  9. Nissan- its relly a awesome car for me.. i love to for a long drive with it... Nissan has been sold for nearly two decades, succeeding in that rare role of a practical five-passenger family sedan that is also enjoyable to drive.
    Is nissan has got any kind of drawbacks or fault in its engine??
    i have very less idea about its engine....
    can anybody help????????????

    nissan micra repair
  10. rob there is no picture

    or is that the joke?
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  13. spambot, probs

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