Nissan Silvia S15

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  1. This car wasn't available in NA was it? Also come 2014, it should be available right since it would be 15 years old by then, or did that rule change for good this time around in the Canadian market?
  2. There are two main varients of S15s, both in Silvia and 200sx form. Spec S, non turbo (sr20de)
    Spec R, turbo (sr20det)
  3. Nope, never made it to NA. Only in Japan/Asia, NZ, and Australia I think. However, there is one going around in Vancouver. Apparently there is a team of lawyers fighting to keep it legal. I hope that the 15 year rule hasn't actually been changed to 25, otherwise we'll have to wait a long time for this one... and it's going to be in terrible shape.
  4. Depending on how they are come 15 year legal, I may look into buying one. I like how they look.
  5. And each of those with an Aero model which IIRC is just a body kit.

    Also the Varietta which was the badass hard top convertible. Not sure if those followed Spec S/R /Aero as well.
    I Love this car!
  6. I never was a fan of the Varietta, looked funky when the top was up
  7. The varietta was only available in spec S form, by autech
    And since youre going on about sub varieties, there is also a hardtop autech spec s version that uses a 6 speed gearbox from the spec r, instead of the usual 5 speed, it also has an increase of power and better interior, and probably more things too.
  8. We have a 25 year rule in the states and it's gay as shit. There shouldn't be ANY period really. If people want to buy a friggin' car let them. To make people wait 15 or 25 years is totally pointless because ultimately you're still saying it's ok to let them be driven on the street, but they're just going to make you wait an arbitrary amount of time to be dickheads. How much sense does that make? NONE.
  9. I really hope that Canada doesn't follow up on the States. However it would seem that import companies are still regularly importing cars. They are beggining to heavily advertise the lastest gen Supra almost being ready for import as well.
  10. can't import Skylines anymore? Anything 25 years old or newer?
  11. Supposedly
  12. In 15 years why would you want to buy an S15?
  13. Why do people want 15 year old Skylines now?
  14. Canada's import laws.
  15. It was sort of a rhetorical question, half agreeing with Spyder. (I know, wtf?)

  16. id love to set up a convertible for drifting
  17. The Spec S 200SX had the same turbocharged engine as the Spec R, but both were detuned cause of Aus's shitty fuel/hot climate to 147kW instead of the Japanese 184kW (aroundabouts).
  18. In 7 years it wouldn't be that bad of a toy. However in 17 I wouldn't bother.
  19. He thinks it is still 1999 or something.
  20. Because they're sweet cars. There are many European and Japanese models that never made it to North America that are worthy of being imported. I just wish we had a 15 year law instead of the retarded 25, because we're still stuck with only being able to import earl 80s cars and god knows there isn't anything worthy until like 89 or so from Japan, and very few even from Europe until the late 80s.
  21. Why not just do a conversion?
  22. A good cheap, easy way of having a car that stands out. Also, it'll be a cheap, good power RWD.
    I'd want one regardless of age or available alternatives.
  23. I'm already having to convert the front clip on a car I'm buying and I'm not pleased with having to do it in the first place. I prefer getting the models as they were made.
  24. There was also the Spec-R II, which was a refined R. Pretty rare (only 5 manuals made it to NZ shores) but worth hunting around for.
  25. I hope to god we dont follow the 25 year law, as soon as they land they would be elligible for collectors right? I think 25 is the magic # of years til collector elligible, mine is next year.

    Anyways, all that BS aside, there's soo much market here for them, a bit pricey, but maybe they will come down one day? Wishful thinking.

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