1. This car has no power for the size and weight of it. This car wont get out of its own way.
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    your right man , its pretty week for an Off road king adopted by the army .My JeeP has more BHP ...
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    But the torque is 430!! That's why it's used for the Army, not for speed but for power. It gets 0-60 in about 16, but it can pull 10,000 lbs.<!-- Signature -->
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    MAN, AnthonyA9, I wanted to be the one that would tell everyone how stupid they were about the bhp......ahhhhh.....torque torque torque!!!.......there, i feel better...i think
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    bhp does not matter!!!!!!!!! torque is where it is at...when will you people understand
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    Those who are confused, allow me to enlighten you. If you look to the top of this page, you'll see that, yes, the Hummer is on the heavy side and it looks as if the engine isn't very powerful. Well, what Supercars.net strangely hasn't been able to find out is that that the TURBO DIESEL V8 has 430 lb./ft. of torque, which is all the vehicle really needs. The Hummer was never designed to set land speed records, so the designers decided not to try and put an engine into it that would allow it to do so. The Hummer is perfect at what it does, kicketh royal buttocks off-road. And if you take it for an off-road test drive, you'll agree with me.

    Al<!-- Signature -->
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    i have seen hummers go through things i'd be scared to death to to take ANY other ATV through...y hasn't anyone credited the super low trans. they they have...the right gearing has a lot to do with it do what it does with that TORQUE
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    if you have a supra or mclaren, you need hp. this isnt a supra or mclaren. this is a HUMMER. also, look at the rpm. 3400 and 1800. this think is offroad god and will flatten your jeep like a pancake. also, i dare you to do a tractor pull (they pull in opposite ways on a chain, tug o war with cars) with a hummer. see what happens. the only better cars have .50s on top. i want to drive one through dallas. literally. <!-- Signature -->
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    The dynamics of HP and torque drastically change when you move from a gasoline fired engine to a diesel. It's not the fuel alone that is different, it's the entire mechanics of the engine. Example; gasoline engines usually have a compression ratio of anywhere from 8:1 to 12:1, depending on what it's used for. The fuel-air mixture is compressed, and then ignited by the spark plugs to provide the combustion which moves the pistons. Now, I'm not particularly well versed on diesel mechanics, but I know that diesel engines do not use spark plugs to ignite the fuel-air mixture. Rather, the compression alone provides the combustion, along with heat from the glow-plugs. Compression in a deisel engine can range anywhere from 18:1 to 24:1. Then, the drive train is geared down to reduce speed and provide more torque at lower RPM. So the relationship between HP and torque is completley different. Compare this engine to the power plant in the Dodge Viper.

    '01 H1
    Displacement: 6.5L
    Configuration: V8
    HP: 195 brake @ 3400 RPM
    Torque: 430 ft lbs @ 1800 RPM
    Drive Ratio: 4.92:1

    '01 Viper
    Displacement: 8.3L
    Configuration: V10
    HP: 450 brake @ 5200 RPM
    Torque: 490 @ 3700 RPM
    Drive Ratio: 3.07:1

    You see that the max torque range for the Hummer exists at 1800 RPM? That's almost the speed that the Viper idles at. It takes a gasoline fired engine almost 3 times the HP and 2 extra cylinders to make this much torque, and it's only available at a much higher RPM. That is because of the mechanical differences between diesel and gas engines. So, increasing the HP in the H1 probably wouldn't give you any more speed. Drive train gearing would be reduced to provide even more torque, and your top speed would probably go down.

    As I said, I'm not well versed in diesel mechanics, so if anyone wants to correct me, feel free. I think I understand the basics though.

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