No BMW Grille?

Discussion in '1960 BMW 700 RS' started by Buhandi, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. what happened to the traditional BMW twin-kidneys grille?
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    wasnt introduced yet<!-- Signature -->
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    Yes it was, the 1936 BMW 328 had the twin kidneys.<!-- Signature -->
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    I noticed that too. Maybe they didn't have room for it (hehehe) - this car is so minimalist it could almost be a Lotus.<!-- Signature -->
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    Was kinda floored to see a BMW 700 RS on a supercar web site, actually very pleased. Saddened to see a couple of the comments thus far but all cars are not for everyone.
    As the owner of chassis number one(1) of only two made i guess you could call me THE expert on this car. BMW owns the number two car and is in their mobile traditions private museum. My car was driven primarily by Hans Stuck Sr. father of todays BMW's Stuck. My car won three Grand Prize titles in 1960, Italian, Austrian and German. The car in it's final form was 80 hp out of 700cc with the version II engine (which mine still has)the car is capable of 180kpm (112mph)with hllclimb gear ratios (ring and pinion 5.43:1) this car would be MUCH faster if geared for road racing.
    This is only a little about my car, but i see all here are not keen on just appreciating phenominal cars of all vintage. If you want to here more or see pics of my car i will be glad to respond to all, even if your opinion is that it is UGLY. All said and done it's way more rare and more valuable especially historically than any other BMW.

    Thanks, Elliott
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    How about a 3.0 CSL? also I thought Hans Stuck Sr. Was killed in the 1930's.
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    DId you even read the article? It says that He was alive to drive them.
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    Aerodynamics...a smooth front would be a lot more efficient than one with a grille.
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    Thats interesting.
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    Two-kidneyed grille, it doesent appear on all BMW's. Try looking for it on a formula 1 car, that is a racing car, but so is this. You don't find a large squarish grille on the Bentley Le Mans do you.

    Oh, and Duesey, the first known use of the grille was three years earlier in the 1933 303, also the first BMW to feature its trademark in-line six. Something else, the badge symbolises the propellors of an airplane (BMW initially made aircraft engines, white being propellors, and blue being sky.) And on the vein of "i own, therefore i know, a good friend owns a WW1 plane with a good old BMW in it.

    But of course anyone who calls themselves a car buff should already know that, right???
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    That's true, but also even though it's it's BMW's signature grille, not every BMW has to have it.

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    I've got some comments to the above.

    1. The statement of aerodynamics is true, but there's another reason for not having the grille, and that's because the engine is aircooled and fitted at the rear. Hence no need for a radiator and no grille.

    2. The BMW Williams F1 car DOES have the kidneys, only they are fake sticker ones. Look at the front of the car, right above the wing.

    Nice to have an actual owner post on this special vehicle. Awesome that BMW had the same power/litre ratio that modern turbocars or high-revving Hondas have.
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    if you're serious, thats awesome, and you're one lucky guy... how much would it cost if you were to sell it? (i dont think you would, but if you would). whats it like to drive? post some pics, please!

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