No chance against a Supra

Discussion in '2002 Pontiac Bonneville G/XP' started by 1Supra1, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. It's a totally different class, but I know there are some americancar junkies who want to own one to beat any car at streetraces.
    Well, guys forget you can beat any Supra!

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    a supra is a total sports car, that's a blatantly unfair comparison.

    and If I wanted to beat a supra, I'd go get a firehawk, and leave it in the dust<!-- Signature -->
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    if the supra is such a great car then how come toyota doesn`t sell it any more in the U.S. probably toyota came to the conclussion that the competition was better at producing REAL sport cars.
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    Why did you even waste your time posting this topic?It's just a waste of time and space. Of course a Supra is in a different class to this, first it is twin turbo, second it is actually designed as a SPORTS car, this is a 4 door family friendly car after all.<!-- Signature -->
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    Well, if you are going for street (cheap) performance, I can get a nice 300ZX twin turbo for 15K and kick the hell out of your Supra with the remaining 20K+ I have left over.


    This is good for older folks who still have fun driving more than anything.<!-- Signature -->
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    Nissan 300ZX is so much better looking and would kill the Supra when modded properly =)

    Nissan engine sounds alot better too..handles better and has a more rigid body. The damned Supra thing is like a FAD..and bandwagon thing.

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