no hp

Discussion in '1997 Mitsubishi FTO' started by w1628, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Underpowered, like the 2000-on eclipse GT. Mitsu needs a FTO VR4.
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    you can still get alot of speed out of such "little HP" My dad has a Volvo V6 thats 2.7 litres, its an engine from 1977 and it had 113HP stock, its been rebuilt up to 130-140 HP and we go 140KM/h and the car still wants more!! There is no such thing as little HP, unless you are talking about a Bugatti torpedo...<!-- Signature -->
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    is 200 hp out of a non turbo 2.0 liter really puny?...idiot<!-- Signature -->

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