No Mirrors

Discussion in '2000 Jaguar XK180 Concept' started by Robertt, Jan 25, 2003.

  1. There no mirrors. Any particular reason?
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    Who the Hell cares what's beind you where your flying down the road!
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    Maybe its not ment for the road.
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    How am I supposed to view the loser who is behind my 450 bhp Jaguar??
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    1) the Mirrors just give a negative CX value
    2) this car is so ahead off its time that the mirrors are replaced by camera's and a screen in the dashboard.
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    GUYS! the mirror is here
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    do you change your avatar everyday? and i think blitz is right i have the topgear video of this and i didnt see any cameras, and tiff would have mentioned that if it did.
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    Yeah, almost everyday
  9. Looks good without the mirrors.
  10. lol who cares about mirrors

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