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    talk later.<!-- Signature -->
  2. Corvette Z06- 405 HP LS1 V8 5.7L 346 ci.

    Viper- 450 HP (correct me if I'm wrong) V10 488 ci.

    OK, we're comparing a 346 smallblock V8 to a 488 V10.
    What the hell's the matter w/ yall???

    Think of something better to talk about.<!-- Signature -->
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    Actually its a very good comparison. Both cars are very fast, and make a great comparo. Just because ones engine is bigger or smaller doesn't mean we can't compare them. <!-- Signature -->
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    I think thats a great thing for the vette and Dodge should be ashamed of that fact. <!-- Signature -->
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    Why should they be ashamed? Most people have no knowledge about cars, and they could use the size of the engine to determine what could be faster. Now we know the size doesnt neccessarily mean it goes faster, but most don't. They think, "Wow, V10!! that must go very fast!".

    Also, having a big engine makes the Vipers potential be very high, you could tune that to make it go extremely fast...<!-- Signature -->
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    .....Or on the other hand it may blow the hell outta its self. The engine in the vette has more aftermarket parts out there to tune it with. The viper has an unused engine by anything else therefore lowering the aftermarket attention.<!-- Signature -->
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    spoken like a true muscle car enthusiest
    cars just aren't flying bricks anymore there are other factors in going "fast" like the weight and aerodynamics.the corvette is 300lbs lighter then the viper and alot more aerodynamic so power ain't everything.
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from TYMOL</i>
    <b>The engine in the vette has more aftermarket parts out there to tune it with.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    Give it time. The Viper aftermarket has exploded in the past few years. Assuming the Viper's price doesn't increase too badly, we may very well see the same variety of aftermarket parts for it in 40-50 years that we see today for the 'Vette.

    Some major points about why the Viper was ever made in the first place:
    1) Have more cylinders than the Corvette.
    2) Have more power outright than the Corvette, irrespective of engine size.
    3) Be the bad-ass brawler that the Corvette wasn't at the time (early 90's).

    It succeeded on all counts, so there's no reason Dodge should be ashamed.
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    I see all your points. 40-50 years is a while to wait. If you took out those 2 cylinders you wont have much of an engine if you know what i mean. If you tuned everything with aftermarket parts (top of the line stuff) they would be around as fast. At that point , you would have spent a little longer looking for parts for the viper and they were possibly more expensive. The simple reasons the vette has more aftermarket stuff than the viper: The F-cars (trans Am, camaro) and It is more affordable to a rean human.<!-- Signature -->
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    I only speak truth........well i would like to believe that anyway.<!-- Signature -->
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    well , that's good. Unlike the V-TEC honda civic people that only talk verbal BS.<!-- Signature -->
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    I have a question. I have no clue about mustangs and and I was wondering if someone could list the fastest ones here. Then i can show it to my friend and he can shove it up his ass. <!-- Signature -->
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    do you know how fast the 1988 was? thats what hes got. <!-- Signature -->
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    I think our vette will eat it for snack.<!-- Signature -->
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    Yeah.....that too!!!!!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    nice intake systems<!-- Signature -->

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