No more Merc Marauder

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by thedark1unknown, Nov 1, 2004.

  1. Does anyone know why they arent making the marauder for 2005? Its a shame i really liked that car.
  2. I thought that car kicked ass. I saw a police Marauder, all black with a golden police star and a clear lightbar. It was #$%#ing sick.
  3. that car was great luckily there are about 4 in my area so i still get to see them.
  4. Well it didn't sell very well. Ford should have thrown a super charger on the damn thing and be done with it. Kenne Belle offers super charger packages for the SOHC V-8 Panther platform cars that put them into the 12s with a warrenty.
  5. It's a obvious future collector car.
  6. Boring looking car, but it had a kick ass motor.
  7. That was the point.
  8. They never sold well in Canada. Specifically in Alberta because Klein cut senior's benefits substantially.
  9. VT Competition had their Marauder VT, boring/stroking out the 4.6L to 5.0L, slapping a Paxton blower on it with 12 pounds of boost pushing it to 430 RWHP and sending the 4,200 lbs vehicle to 60 in 5.1 and come down from 60 in 129 feet through 14" rotors and Baer calipers.
  10. haha

    I rode in one, the acceleration was decent, but when a FWD Nissan Altima family sedan can out drag you, it's rather sad. They were also like 55K Can which is also rediculous. The interior was way too basic, the leather was cheap. The exaust sound was amazing though.
  11. maybe because people grew a brain & realized they could get a Crown Vic & fix it up for probably less than the Marauder.
  12. Kind of hard to sell anything without advertising it.

    Seriously GM and Ford shouldn't be sitting there asking themselves why why's imple advertising sells.

    How many Fbody commercials did you see? I only saw 2 of em...both of them were Trans Am Ram Air ones too. But that was like 10 years ago.
  13. The Marauder was bad ass, but it didn't have a good value and wasn't advertised. It looks so wicked but the mass public didn't know anything about it. Maybe in a few years I'll pick one up and supercharge it, that would be sweet and pretty unique.
  14. Jeez man, they are stopping everything Good! I think its jewish games
  15. THe marauder was a great car I loved it.I think the car was not enough known by the public.It was a nice mean looking sedan.
  16. Cool car, but it was underpowered, overpriced, and not marketed well at all.
  17. Definite sleeper, I'd take one in a heartbeat but I have no money and you just don't see that many of them, too bad because it was probably the best Ford product in terms of horsepower, behind the mustang
  18. I'm sure there have been a lot of cutbacks in Alberta.
  19. I really liked that car, it puts the (new)Impala SS to shame. It's a shame that Ford didn't do anything to market it. The only people who bought it were people who recognized the classic nameplate.
  20. The Mercury Merauder sold 32,000 units in 2002 and decreased to half in 2003 to 16,000. The Mercury Marauder didn't sell well because of its "you either love it or hate it" approach. The most common complaint it seems from every commentator, whether it be a magazine or an owners review was that it couldn't spin the tires under hard acceleration. Why it couldn't is because of its high performance Michelin tires and the infamous Crown Victoria, Marquis, Town Car traction control. That to me is quite an ignorant mass complaint. The car no matter how anyone looks at it still out powers the mid nineties Impala SS. Only a Top Fuel drag car racer would complain that this car has lousy acceleration. The 0 to 60 times are without a doubt are falsified. Motortrend is a vary much a magazine full of lies and untruths. They said that the Accord V-6 is faster to 60. So a 310h.p. V-8 car with a 3:55 axle ratio and 10.1 compression plus a sports transmission is pulling a 7 second acceleration run to 60? I don't think so. The world is more dishonest than you think. Don't believe everything you read. Sorry fellow rednecks, just because a car doesn't break your spine under acceleration and roast the tires all the way down to the rims, doesn't make it a lousy, overpriced, cheap, underperforming car. The Merauder was for a taste of the luxury and muscle car era long lost to new age plastic computer cars.
  21. well said, are you new here or just starting over?
  22. Why do you say that?
  23. it was damn heavy and that was its downfall. that and the motor not being an sc'd cobra motor. that may have kept it alive. id buy one in a heartbeat if i could find one around 20k. which is about what they go for around here
  24. To break even, oh course.
  25. It is a 302hp/318lb-ft powered car that weighs 4200lbs, thats why it takes 7 seconds to get to 60.

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