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    Because he's retarded.
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    That seems to be the only logical reason.
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    Or he had a lobotomy...
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    Hmmm...again, that sounds feasible...
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    Oh, the many reasons for stupidity... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    OH MY GOD, I TOTALLY agree, the god awful rycer #%$gots are completly blind to the fact that there cars are ugly, slow, gay, and an overall waste of money. What they dont' seem to understand, is that most of the crap they put on there cars, like the $25 000 ugly body kits,leed them to think that painted there Drum Brakes must give them, oh, atleast 5 more HP, and that there clear tail lights must equal speed. Oh and of course, that vinyl adds speed too. Oh, and the spoilers that look like they made them out of some Mechano... There non functional hood scoops are always a good laugh and there $15 000 rims that sometimes don't even match the car have to make it go fast. And there 5" fart cannons that they put on there car give them the edge over all other cars. Has anyone here ever seen a rycer vs. lets say a Cobra, because I have, and someone had to hit me to stop me from laughing. It was a race between a Cobra and 2 riyers, first thing that happened, the one rycer stalled, and then the second one just got blown away, after, oh, about 2 seconds, you couldn't even see the rycer behind the mustang. Now sure, this obviously wasn't a fair race, but the thing was, that the rycer was the one who wanted to race, he actually thought he could win, thats the stupid thing, all the ryce boys mommy's told them there car was fast, and since they shave there head and look like vin in the FATF, that they must be the ultimate racer. Sadly, no one has told them otherwise, and they will continue to think this way. To them I say, up yours you stupid ryce boys.
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    Well here's my take on R!CERS...

    Let's say we're looking at a kid with a nice looking civic.
    Now those cars are really to drive...inexpensive and when you sit in them they have the feeling of being in a race car...Honda's have always felt like race cars they're low to the ground...nice interior...the shifter is the best I've used, and their clutches are like no other. So a kid is excited cuz he think's he has a fast car...But it's not fast I'd say it's "Zippy" those cars have a lot of "Zip" to them.

    So the kid figures..."What can I do to make it faster?" Well obviously everyone knows there are many ways to budget mofify a car without actually buying a new crate he talks to his dad who is used to the "Old School Muscle Cars" and finds out that exhaust, better intakes, and some better ignition always helps all cars.

    So the kid saves up his Burger King money and goes to Advance Auto Parts to buy a cold air intake and manifold but can't afford a full exhaust setup so he buys the best catback he can find.

    Then his friends with more money have their cars...and they can afford all the body moldings to make their cars appear cooler...Shogun Grilles...large wheels etc. Then the kid forgets about getting his Civic to run better and saves his money for that stuff so he can look cool with his buddies. Next thing you know..that decent looking Civic looks just like something from the HotWheels factory and is all show no go.

    There are so many things you can do to make any car fast, but these kids have the right idea...they just seemed to lose track somewhere. I can't stand R!CERS to be perfectly honest, but we all have to think about what it was like when we were 16 years old...My first car was an 87 Accord and I thought it was the fastest thing on the street at one time. Obviously I was a stupid kid back then too <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    lol i saw a guy with a spoiler made out of a trash can ha ha ha ha ha
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    hey man, if you invested all that 10 grand into the engine, I bet you could easily beat a Stock mustang on the strip. If you invested it into handling, suspension, etc.. you could easily beat a cobra around a track, no not an oval, but a real race track. I know if I had a civic and 10 grand, I'd spend it all on performance mods, it'd make for one hell of a sleeper. Let's see here of the things you listed, 3 of them do NOT add horsepower. I wouldn't bother with those things if I had a civic and 10 g's, of course I already said that, so there's no point in repeating myself. So I conclude that a Civic with 10 g's worth of PERFORMANCE modifications could easily beat a mustang on the strip.
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    Shut the hole *****...You're just a small town don't know what your talking about.
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    Shut the hole *****...You're just a small town don't know what your talking about.
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    Shut the hole *****'re just a small town kid with big city dreams.
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    lol u got it all wrong what im saying if u put 10 grand into anytype of mustang and 10 grand in any type of civic the mustang would win and 10 grand on the suspension ur wrong look at the grand am cup for example and the rolex 24 hrs cars do u see any high performance civics out there racing nope u see mustangs with 700 + hp beating porches and ferraris
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    I'm a small town kid, right, you got one thing right, but I'm not the one trying to argue with a kid over the internet. So who seems like the "*****" now? And also Fordracing, I doubt you even need to invest any money into a civic's suspension to beat a mustang around a race track. But that's just my perspective on things.
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    And your perspective is wrong...
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    rry but i know a mustang with a 4 grnd kenny brown suspensiosn rolllcage and whatevr else for the suspension could kick any pos civic around a track
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    You're a moron. Please use ENGLISH in your f^cking post.
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    dude ok i mean to say a mustang with a kenny brown suspension could kick any civics ass there happy and i did use english u #$%#ing moron
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    You just summed up pretty much everything i think, good job. I hate it so much when i see some stupid with a burnt out honda civic with a huge muffler making a vibrating noise so he can actually fool himself into thinking he has a good engine. When i think of a race between an SVT Cobra and one of those lame cars it reminds me of a special on that show Top Gear where they had a segment about the history of lamborghini and just to show how fast the diablo was they raced it against a jetta or a golf and it made it look like the guy had a freaking golf cart, one of the funniest things ive ever seen. It seems like all these guys have hopes that like in the fast and the furious, their japanese crap mobile can beat a ferrari. That was one of the most anger inducing scenes in a movie ive ever seen.
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    Today I saw a celica with a chevy bowtie on the hood.

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