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  1. Hi All,

    We in South Africa never received the above M3, therefore we created our own M3 it is called a 325is EVO2. It basically is a 6 Cylinder 2.7 Litre Motor that develops 155kw normally aspirated and does a 0.100km/h in 6.8 secs. A top speed of 238km/h. Not bad hey.
  2. My ///M3...


    I'm from Hungary.I have got a 1984 E30 327i.Very good templated Car...<!-- Signature -->
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    isnt as cool as the new ones.<!-- Signature -->
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    how much are those cars, and can you buy them in north america?<!-- Signature -->
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    One of the best drives of the day I hear. It's cool, fast and nimble, and a great value. <!-- Signature -->
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    Fooltrons were saying "oh new ones are better". Screw that I saw one of these waste a viper venom so hard through the twisties that once they got on the strait away the viper still couldn't catch it. No fast car is fun with the impecable handling this car has. BMW is bringing back the same engineer that designed this chassis for the
    E60 M5 with a V10.
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    Cool Car!<!-- Signature -->
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    theyre good, but the newwer ones are much better<!-- Signature -->
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    Obviously you have never driven one. I have been fortunate enough to drive the E30 M3 Evo Sport, an E36 M3 Evo, and an E36 M3 4-door. The older car craps oll over them. Not in a straight line, but through the twisties, where it really matters. I have not driven the E46 M3, but apparently it is as good as the E30. Here's hoping anyway.
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    I agree with Sylk WuRM. I have read and heard that the E30 were awesome handlers. The E36 and E46 just can't touch the original. Sure they are more powerfull and get to 60 mph a lot faster but they don't have the handling that set the M-power cars away from the rest of the Bimmers in the late 80's. Someone mentioned that the new M3 are much better. They got more looks and more power. But they are also 10 years newer and nevertheless, the E30 is much better considering when it was made. Plus the new E46 suffers from a lack of g (in the low 80's) and has a terrible case of understeer which makes it not nearly as fun to drive as this M3.

    All hail to the mighty E30.
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    im from australia, so we never recieved the E30 M3 either, but i've got a E30 Baur cabriolet. It was in need of more power :eek:)

    Go check out in the customer car section, mine's not there but there's another two exactly the same as it. Bring on the new M3 and E39 M5 any day
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    'Nother S African here.
    Those that never drove them missed out.I bought a 2 year old 325i in '91 at Forsdicks in Durban and pursuaded the salesman to let me drive a limited edition 325iS with a custom Alpine turbo.I think it was good for 200+ kw (270+ hp) I wont forget it.Great fun.
    Oh by the way to all you straight line specialists.My grandma can drive in a straight line, but it seems you all shit yourselves if the road bends at all.Is it cos you cant handle a car or your car cant handle ?<!-- Signature -->
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    Yeah a lot of people have that problem, with the corners and stopping and stuff. I hope you weren't refuring to me however, cause I opted for the Koni racing springs and shocks and upgraded brakes of a 996 turbo, so it handles pretty good and stops even better
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    Being a proud owner of a E30, I can say this one is a real beauty...
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    i own an e30 as well...and those saying that the new M3 is better...
    you should read more into this car.

    people who have driven this car easily argue that its the best driving experiance they've ever had.

    the fact that it produces 235bhp from a 4 cylinder...and being a
    1990 car is impressive....if you look at the S2000...that produces
    250bhp from a 4 cylinder...and thats a decade later! so this
    car is amazing...and just like all BMW engines...this one surpasses
    all imo. (especially for its era)<!-- Signature -->
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    I f I had the money for an e46 m3 i'd get this on instead and soup it up. But the e46 is arguably the worlds perfect car.
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    This is an amazing car, I think it will be my very first performance car, they arent too expensive, heard they are great fun to drive and they are not as common.<!-- Signature -->
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    yeah man i love this car<!-- Signature -->
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    I like BME E36 M3 sedan the most, it's my dream car

    See ya later...
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    Well they never were officially imported to the US. You can import one from the UK or Germany if you want but its gonna be hard finding an unabused one. They were unique because they only came in red or black and had a red or black contrasting strip in the bumper. It also came with a suede gearknob and steerting wheel and a plaque on the dash indicating which number it is. Only 600 were ever made. Also was the most powerfull E30 M3 with 238hp. As far as pricing goes its will vary. In europe these things arent as much as they would be in the US so id say around $17k? I love E30 M3s.
  21. E30-E46

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    In my opinion the E30 was and still is the most beautiful of all 3 series BMs. These cars are really made with passion. Let's be reallistic here. Which M3 ever had that nice design of the E30. Everything is so perfect. The front end, the rear end and so on. Also that beautiful classic interior which is truely magnificant. I haven't been as lucky as you guys and have only driven a 323i (mind you, I enjoyed it very much), but still I think I have every right to say the E30 is one absolute perfecto!
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    yep i feel the same about my 1990 325i
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    i dunno about all that handling stuff. mine has a nasty problem with under steer. it doesnt touch the new m3, in any aspect. the new m3 could have better handling but it would compromise styling. as for the old ones lots of companies sell suspension packages to help with the understeer. (when the front end sort of plows the road instead of turning) scary stuff when you're trying to turn.
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    Its awesome to see so many E30 owners in here!

    I'm 17 and i have owned 2 E30s
    my current car is a '87 325is 5spd 2dr (168hp 2.5L)
    my first car was a '86 325 auto 2dr (121hp 2.7L)


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