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Discussion in '1990 BMW M3 Sport Evolution' started by Kalla, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Yep the E30 rocks.

    Considering its considered by many as the best handling 3 series sounds like you've got problems with your suspension, maybe getting it replaced would be the way to go. I run all round adjustable Koni springs and shocks and i've got no problem with mine, and its really easy to steer on the throttle with no tail snapping (it makes tuned for daily use on moderate boost 390-400hp).
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    What car is that you got on your pic?
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    Where did you get the stats on the 325is evo2. I have been looking for ever for them! pls reply to [email protected]
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    This M3 is the raawest and coolest of them all! (Of all the m3:s, this is the original)
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    No no no, the equivelant of the M3 in South Africa is not the 325is Evo2, but the 333i, It was made specifically for the South African market by Alpina, thids car is just as quick as the E36 M3, but handles like the E30. I'm not sure why they were only made in South Africa, but I have a hunch that it was for our touring car circuit, but im not sure. Only about 600 were made now this car is a monster.
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    Maybe 333 was made only for South Africa because Alpina sold 335 (availabel with normal or m3 look, 254 bhp i think) in Europe :p

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