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Discussion in '1999 HSV VT GTS300' started by RuffRydaRaz, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Pure Holden grunt with go
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    well said
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    1999 HSV GTS300 SUCKSS!!!!...i can go get a old Nissan Skyline R32 V-Spec II(19k -30k AUSD$) and tuned the bloody thing up with Turbo's, Stage 4, Intercooler, Nitrox and probably put a nice body kit and the thing probably cost 70,000 or more and this shit cost 86,000...The New HSV GTS 300kw cost even more about 110,000 and the car is limted to 250k's...What CrAP!

    Or maybe i bring home a Toyota Supra and tuned it

    PLuS! The Price Compare
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    lol, You play too much Gran Turismo.

    you can buy high boost skyline turbine kits for about $13,000 for 2 of them.

    High flow intercoolers are about $1,000.

    You wouldn't need 70 grand, and I doubt you would need 70 grand for just those modifications.

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