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Discussion in '2000 Jaguar F-Type Concept' started by bimmer, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. I just love this car. An amazing Jaguar for an (expected) low price. This car just exudes sex appeal.
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    what kind of low price? how low?<!-- Signature -->
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    does't have as much apeal as I had hoped runs along with the second generation of Jaguars doesnt have the smae class
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    When this car is produced it will be faster, i think 0-60 is gonna be 5secs.<!-- Signature -->
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    you really think it'll be 0-60 5sec?
    I dunno...anyway, I just freakin signed up..<!-- Signature -->
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    itz awesome car
    plus there will be an overpowered "r" variant short after the initial release
    remeber the xk-e?
    well itz back and itz pissed<!-- Signature -->
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    i personally love the jag, but ... i think it would look better and give more class from older models if it had a longer hood (but that might just be me). oh, and does anyone know how it looks when the convertible top is up? it does have a top right?<!-- Signature -->
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    as of yet no it doesn't have a top<!-- Signature -->
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    To imprenzawrx14: Hey, good comment at the bottom. i love that game and she is sitting there and all, that is tight.
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    specially for 'tgc'
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    specially for 'tgc'
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    a really beautiful master piece, i can't wait for it to come out......<!-- Signature -->
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    4.0L gave 4.6 seconds.
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    0-60 in 5 seconds..this car needs a bigger engine to get that down to 3 seconds! but i still love the car it definately has sex appeal

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