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Discussion in '2001 Jaguar XKR-R Concept' started by mich, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. nice car
    400 hp
    but the car doesnt have lot of charisma u know
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    No I didn't know that. Are you the Ebert of supercars?<!-- Signature -->

    I've read many of your posts today BIGVTEC, and I have come to the conclusion that you are an idiot. You remind me of someone I knew at school, and he didn't make many friends.<!-- Signature -->
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    no i belive u are overlooking mich's stupidity...if u read his posts, he just simply reposts the information thatsupercars put on the webpage and makes a stupid comment that isnt backed up by any real knowlege..big vtec is just trying to point this out <!-- Signature -->
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    lets keep it about the cars guys
    if i want to fight i will talk to my friends that actualy no nothing about cars<!-- Signature -->
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    Thank you. I don't care for this josheq2 guy, and this dumbass mich is just plain anoying, so I f... with them, so what. Who got hurt? And this Trans Am dickhead, is just a god damn lier, making up stories, and shit...
    <!-- Signature -->
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    what? Does your problem lie with me using facts? well I could see how that poses a threat to your opinions. I apoligize.<!-- Signature -->
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    Trans Am dickhead, hahahaha. very true. however, lets defeat our pigheaded Supercars dwellers with facts and figures. Face it, "NO, you're dumb.." has no place in this site.<!-- Signature -->
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    Why do people keep wasting this valuble forum on flame? Argue about the car, compare unsubstantiated anecdotes to prove your points, lie about what you have read, and bring up meaningless points about what would happen "if I slapped a big ole Super/Turbo charger on it and..., but if you want to take pot shots, please don't do it here. Look, now even I am wasting valuble space.
    This car is beautiful, modern Jags are getting more and more reliable, and I am ecstatic about a manual in a jag. There, now this post is useful.

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