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  1. In Grosse Pointe, MI my eyes boggled as i saw a 1992 teal taurus on rims kill a Koenigsegg CC 8S. They were head to head at a red when the taurus started reving its engine. The Koenigsegg Started reving and the pudgie driver giggeling (probebly thinking he would win). They took off when the light turned green both of them going well over 90 on a 35 and at at the next light the taurus passed first by a solid car length. Then the drivers stoped at a Krispy Kreame where they both shook hands and chated about there cars.
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    That's just #$%#ed up, man.
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    are u tripping or did this actually happen in an episode
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    Actually this fu cker is lying! Go to this forum and see the same comment about this Taurus beating a BMW Shneitzer....

    2002 BMW AC Schnitzer ACS7 40
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    Still waiting Bob! Can't fess up about your lying?<!-- Signature -->

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