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Discussion in '1999 Leblanc Caroline' started by coborne119, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. so sweet. this company need s to make more cars<!-- Signature -->
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    are there any more cars this company produces
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    Cool #$%#ing car!!!!
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    no they don´t. not if all their cars look like this.........
    power and top speed.. OK
    front end looks ...OK
    rear end.... very ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Does anyone know which country made this car?
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    it only has a 5-manual... y not a 6? or maybe a 7 (ok that might be pushing it)<!-- Signature -->
  9. deepangel_22

    Yet once again deepangel_22 i will try and explain this to you. When this company decided to amke a car their thoughts were to make the car with a 500BHP figure where the engine isnt really doing much. I cant even beleive you think adding a 6th 7th or even another gear when anyone who drives a stick knows all you need is 5 gears bieng 1st 2nd and 3rd are your power gears, 4th and 5th are are basically for high end power. If you would like this car to go faster deepangel_22 then your actions should be to upgrade the turbos, intercooler, etc. Being the reason the company has this car at 512BHP is to show what it can almost do the Leblans Caroline is stock the way it is meaning nothing has been upgraded all the company is doing is showing what the car can do now not what it is capable of doing.
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    I dont think so
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    Company? I thought it was a single-man team who made this.
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    i don't like the style of this car. but they did a great job with the engine.
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    you, are a moron

    get over wasn't that good.
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    I agree with you on most of your points, including this one.

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