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Discussion in '2001 Carlsson CL500' started by badneuzLS4L, Aug 10, 2002.

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    the merc badge removed looks so pimp!! that plain grill is sick!!!
    this car is sick! man what would i give to have that ride
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    Pretty friggin slick. I just think it was lowered too much, but I'm not ghetto like the rest of you.<!-- Signature -->
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    Thats wierd but I like this Mercedes a lot!!<!-- Signature -->
  4. Man this car is sweet!!
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    yes, very good job
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    It's a sweet car, but I dont think they should have removed the merc-tri-star off the grill<!-- Signature -->
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    Looks SOOO good that it sickenin'. That's a compliment by the way.
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    This is one of my all time favorite cars, amazing mix of performance, luxary, and looks.
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    I have to agree with you guys.<!-- Signature -->
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    Ford - Fix Or Repair Daily<!-- Signature -->
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    The stats on this car are verey close to the Z06 exept for the 0-60<!-- Signature -->
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    They shouldn't have removed the merc badge but it looks damn sweet
    <!-- Signature -->
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    thats an understatement
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    it would have been tighter with a six speed manual transmision...but i really think its about time mercedes catches up with the F1 style shifters already or maybe im going to about a manual?? this is a sweet ass car and still it would be an understatement to say its time to move into 6th and hit 330km/h!!
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    Great car

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