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Discussion in '1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GTX Ram Air' started by AndyDouglas, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. this car is sweet i'm thinking of buying one. If anyone can give me a good reason not to i'm all ears.
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    I can't give you a reason not to buy one but I can give you a shitload of reasons TO buy one. First of all it is probably the fastest underrated car on the market right now. And the price for a perfect mix between comfort and heart pumping speed is unbeatable. A few weeks after I purchased my '99 GTP coupe I lined up against a new Z28 and didn't really expect to have a chance. The light turned green and I didn't see the Z again until the computer wouldn't let my car go any faster at approximately 130mph. I decided this car was going to beat corvettes and set out to to see if this could be done. After dumping $8000 into the engine, tranny, headers/exhaust etc. $3000 in rims and tires and $3500 into sounds my baby was finished. I paid just $15000 for the car to begin with so the grand total was around $30000, five thousand less than my friend payed for his '99 corvette 6-speed targa top. Then came test. We lined up at a red light on a backroad with little to no traffic and not another stoplight for a few miles. Now this road is very straight so I decided I was going to test the new PCM and see how fast this thing really went. The light turned green and I didn't see my friends vette until he was in my rearview and my HUD(reads speed on windshield) read 172mph. I probably could have gone faster and I'll admit it MY NERVES GOT TO ME. That's the ONLY reason you need now go buy one of these dream machines you won't be disappointed I promise.

    Oh yeah one more thing the specs say the stock GTP does 0-60 in 6.8 sec. don't believe that its more like 6.0-6.3 seconds.
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    Yes get one. They are great cars, although I have never seen a GTX here but then again its colorado. It's a sleeper you'll get lots of races in one unless someone's smart and knows what this car can do.
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    I'm glad to see American muscle making a rise again. Let's put these import machine where they belong; Under the rule of American machines on American soil.
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    The GTX is the best car I have ever owned...yea, I'm only 18 but this if my 5th car and we're a pontiac family. But all in all it'a an amzing car. get ONE!

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