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Discussion in '1922 Bugatti Type 29/30 Indianapolis' started by The Boss, Aug 9, 2002.

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    sure was.<!-- Signature -->
  2. You've got to admit that, at this time, a 100hp 2L engine, with 3 valves per cilinder was an achivement.
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    Comparable to Honda styles, one might notice....<!-- Signature -->
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    THIS WAS A BIG ACHIEVEMENT...<!-- Signature -->
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    This car was top of tha line in 1922, its like the Bugatti's now. I've read some of tha past subjects & tha guy who started that isn't really a car fanatic.If you are a car fanatic you appreciate cars like this which brought on the "supercars" we know now.
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    A piece of art , another wonderful Bugatti.<!-- Signature -->

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