No way in hell!

Discussion in '2000 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Concept' started by Wheelman, Aug 9, 2002.

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    It goes around corners, not too well, but it goes!
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    That video is not professional and that don't look like the best strip in the world either. I don't and never will believe it till I see it with my own two eyes.
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    ford gt90 you seem to be very narrowminded
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    Calling someone narrowminded is narrowminded in itself. Watch the video. Notice how it almost dies twice. I don't want a car that has difficulty idling or coming off a power high.

    About that video. Where was it filmed? How did they get a hold of the car? Is that drag strips elctronics accurate? Why is this the only video showing it making quarter mile in 9.55? Find answers to all these questions and I might believe it.
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    Hell, go download the Chevy Expo from Motor Trend, this was running 9's all day.
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    I read where this was racing that boss mustang. The boss was hell of fast to,I forgot what it's 0-60 was but its was fast 2.
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    My z28 handles pretty well, about as good as any car in the $18-$24K range. Of corse it depends a lot on the tires used as well, but my dad's stock 1LE SS on stock tires handles like nothing I've ever driven before, I floor it through an intersection on a left turn and it just rockets out of the turn without jacknifing all over the place. Tires stay planted firmly in high g turns. I know the new aftermarket road corse and auto-x susspension components for the fbod are better then the 1LE stuff but it's pretty sweet for straight out of the factory.
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    What about the Boss Mustang doing 0-100-0 in around 10-11 sec. That is a hell of a lot faster than this. I don't rember the times exactly but it would kick this cars ass to the moon.
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    Wait until the 2003 Mach 1 comes out and if SVT tweaks it like the 1993 10.0L Boss. It would be a frightningly sad defeat for this.
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    It ain't tweaked yet.
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    This car sucks like all the other american shit!!!

    Imports Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Drive a quality American car and be seen being!
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    This car is great. Now I'm wondering what SLP would charg for a 770 Hp engine. I think one is available for my 2002 SS.
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    I'd never thought a camaro would be number 2 on this list, wow impresive. but if it really is this fast it probably suks dik in turning like the viper.
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    Yes it's only good for drag, it's can't comapre against the imports.

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