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  1. the entire eastern conference sucks.

    heat are probably going to 3peat.

    i hate james dolan.

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    So uh, we can have a whole thread dedicated to fantasy basketball, but we can't have one about real NBA ball?

    Are you retarded, or just pretending?
  4. Um the east does suck but they have the one team with the best potential at dethroning the heat. Indiana have been excellent this year and I think they might have a better starting 5 than miami. Their offense can only get better while their defense is already immaculate
  5. Do you think we can have a thread about your exgirlfriend sucking on some massive balls next?
  6. pacers blazers was an alright game.

    georges shooting in the 4th bar the miss at the end was something.

  7. The Knicks are a joke
    Spend all that money and have a horrible team with players that do not complement each other at all
    Blow that #%[email protected] up
  8. In other news, the warriors are hands down the most exciting team to watch
    Watch their games whenever they are on
    Watch my local sports team
  9. i like to watch the warriors, the pacers, and believe it or not the sixers.
  10. NBA is hard to watch around here, because time zones. But whenever I do get to watch a game something always feels wrong. The players are all way better (more athletic, to be exact) than their European counterparts, but the game itself isn't as tense or entertaining. Basically, there's just not enough defense. I think a good solution would be to let some leading European coaches train NBA teams.
  11. watch a team thats good at defense? theres plenty of it. Pacers, chicago, san antonio, miami(when they are motivated), memphis (when gasol is back)

    and lol europeans almost universally are bad at defense in the nba

    the thing about the nba is that its very hard to really shut somebody or a team down because
    A. Many players are extremely talented at scoring and very athletic
    B. The rules are in favor of the offense (no hand checking etc)

    zone defense is now allowed (with the intro of defensive 3 seconds) so tradiional post players CAN be shut down by packing the paint so shooters are now more valuable than ever
    and nba offenses can usually find open shots against average defenses
    only the best defenses are able to pack the paint AND recover to shooters, see super fast/disciplined teams like Indiana, Miami, Memphis

  12. So why is it less entertaining to watch?
  13. Anybody else kinda disappointed with Andrew Wiggins? I mean the guy is like a spring on meth out there but not much else. Jabari Parker seems like a much more complete player
  14. Julius Randle should be mentioned along with those two, but Parker is the one I would want in a pinch.
  15. yah.

    He's younger and has a better body typ/size though.

    He's sorta like a raw-er Paul George maybe?

    Jabari Parker is like, NBA ready where as Wiggins, if he properly develops, can be like, a superstar.
  16. Def would take Parker over Wigg
  17. sounds like a personal issue
    check worldwide numbers, they dont agree with you
  18. So is Wade done? Is he an old man already? His creaky knees can't support a normal schedule of games. His next contract had better include decent healthcare and pension.
  19. hes on the tim duncan plan
  20. That's the thing - basketball is obviously less popular Europe and our area than it is in the US. So I've only ever come to this conclusion with two other people - both Israelis. Still, I'm curious to see if a bit of change would be possible.
  21. maybe get to know a team/players
    that always helps with involvement
  22. How long have NBA been doing basketball games in third world countries? They don't seem to have proper facilities down there in Mexico D.F.
  23. If Canada doesn't count then it's very recent
    They've been pushing it for the past few years

    two blowouts in a row. we got this
  25. i am yauning

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