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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marki, Dec 2, 2013.

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    The answer is indeed no. No Gentlemen No. This is why i have decided to take a yoga retreat. Not just any yoga retreat but one lifestyle that goes back to the 19th century. Away from the live of capitilism and into a life of nature and harmony. You may have your input into this complex discussion.
  2. holy shit the Knicks are bad.

    Raymond Felton and JR Smith may have single handedly lost me my fantasy match up this week.

    Thanks for producing exactly ZERO. WTF happened to you, JR??
  3. shoulda taken Steve Blake.
  4. I know its only december but the pacers are just straight up scary. Hopefully they're not peaking too early
  5. i got my fingers crossed so hard. its gonna be way closer than it should have.
  6. lol me too.

    there's been some scary variables.

    I had to use up all 4 waivers to get in as many games as possible.

    you had that one night where the Spurs and Wolves were cancelled.

    I dropped Jeff Green for JR Smith and Felton tho and those might be my biggest mistakes.

    I have the Kobe - return factor too.

    this is kinda a great weeks match up.

    Calling all Angels in the Outfield
  7. #$%#kkkk.

    why did i drop DDR.

    #$%#ing Knicks suckkkkkk.

    I could have used any 2 players better than #$%#ing Felton and JR.

    Thanks for getting blown out by #$%#ing 41 against the #$%#ing 2014 Celtics.

    #$%#ing Mike Woodson.
  8. well, if you lose i think your waiver will be high enough to get ddr and oladipo back. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  9. Woodson really, really needs to be fired.
  10. 34 assists? 34 so far and youre not even done.
  11. man. it was 3's and assists that were still somewhat undecided.

    i was scared shitless.

    i was super worried about playing your team. that is a devastating 3 point attack you have. i am god damned lucky to win against you. i needed 4 pick ups to do it lol.
  12. anyone watches kobes return game?
  13. Ya im watching.

    Im happy. Looks a bit rusty but I like that hes not forcing too much. Im super scared every time he gets hit and goes down
  14. This is why I still follow NCAA basketball before NBA. You're still allowed to play defense in college.
  15. hes playing a lot more unselfish than usual, lots of passing
  16. if anything, that's concerning me lol.

    it seems unnatural. i think he's a little rusty and a bit scared still.
  17. Oh please. Running around like a chicken with its head cut off is not defense. NBA has the bestbdefense and offense in the world
  18. seriously. there is no possible way you can say NCAA or Euro League is above NBA shit.

    Have you guys ever seen WNBA or any female league sports?? It's fundamental because it has to be.

    Effort, yes, that can be debatable.

    But deep into the playoffs, that's absolutely the best basketball played in any medium, period.
  19. yeah i dont like it either, his first points came late in the 2nd quarter off of free throws, and he only made 1/2. very odd
  20. the raps won doe lol

    also raps pulled off some strange ass trade today.

    kobe looks rusty, but that team has like NO potential, I wish he sat out the whole year, the lakers tanked, got wiggins, and kobe spent his last few years mentoring wiggins into the next Kobe/face of the Lakers.

    aw well, now my jazz have higher chance to cop a sick player this draft. and Burke been looking hella good lately.
  21. Yo. Lets talk about rudy gay.

    If the Raps dont want you....

    And lets talk about the Kings. Between DeMarcus Cousins and Rudy Gay, do we have the least motivated team in the NBA or what?
  23. rudy gay is a pretty good player...the problem is hes about to get paid like lebron: due 20 mil next year
    plus he needs some coaching to keep him from jacking 20 footers
  24. Kobes lifetime achievement contract extension aside, I think Rudy has the worst contract in the NBA right now.

    He can get you 21-6-3 but he makes exactly zero contribution for any team.

    Memphis was better without him and I think Toronto will be more efficient and faster just going through Lowry and DDR instead of having it go through a Rudy Gay iso into a turnover or a bad shot.

    I love everything about him but I knew he couldn't make the Raptors better. I'm just surprised he didn't even last a year. I guess there is no real way to build a team around him, especially with that ugly contract and how much he needs the ball to stay productive.

    Even Josh Smith has other contributions aside from volunteering bad shots and Joe Johnson can be planted around the circle and just be made into a catch and shoot player.

    I haven't seen a player like Rudy Gay in awhile. Sort of like a rich mans Nick Young.

    He needs to take 2 or 3 steps back and start being like Paul George in his first year or 2. Just focusing on defense and taking easy shots.

    Only teams hurting for a marketable star should look into Gay. I'm surprised he didn't become a Bobcat with MJs lust for shitty contracts and overrated blunt athletic players.
  25. have you forgotten about stoudemires contract? pretty much worst contract ever

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