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  1. ugh.

    i have forgotten about him completely.

    that's all time bad.

    Juwan Howard
    Rashard Lewis
    Gilbert Arenas
  2. Lewis contract wasnt THAT bad. As soon as he became a magic they became a 50 win team. 1 all star appearance, one conference title, bunch of clutch shots. Was he worth a max? No but he was one of the main contributors to a contender.

    Arenas was worth a max at the time, guy was putting up 28-30 points per game but his knees crapped out and never lived up to his contract. Juwan Howard? Lol. Amare? A bigger lol his knees were bad already when he signed the contract, they were so bad that the contract isn't even insured
  3. Agree on Arenas, I felt kinda bad including him because his knees didn't act up until after but that whole gun in the locker thing was so damaging for the team that it couldn't be excused.
  4. this is why they had that lockout and restructured contracts
    a guy might be good for a couple years, but paying huge money for a 7yr contract gets people in trouble

    Rashard lewis in 09? yea good. Lewis still getting paid like that in year 14? not so good
  5. raps gm (masai uriji) needs a pat on the back for getting rid of the gay contract.

    gay off to the kings plus bargnani to the knicks, good work.
  6. Seriously. Not done yet either. I see Lowry leaving too
  7. but we're still fighting for a 9 seed like idiots.

  8. you guys need to lose
    get on the jabari safari
  9. yes.

    we can free up all this salary cap space all we want, noones signing here lol
  10. you guys signed turkoglu didnt you
  11. Oh yes the turkish michael jordan

    Now the magic are paying his salary
  12. so hes played for the magic like five times now?

    dit: misread that. i thought the magic resigned him
  13. that's our biggest signing ever, that should tell you how bad it is up here
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    who saw those local Hedo Turk ads for....what was it, Dominos pizza or something?

    Worst. Ever.

    and here it is:

    yo. you're a #$%#ing athlete. don't do commercials that portray you as a #$%#ing couch potato. you #$%#ing couch potato.
  15. knicks : (
  16. he only had two words to say, and still he came off as a terrible, terrible actor.
  17. you guys couldnt even bring steve nash home
  18. Junk yard dog.
  19. you called it.

    This is the right move.

    they need to tank fast. they are actually pretty damn good at the draft. If i were them, I'd lock down any top 5 draft pick for like, 12 years.
  20. so the knicks were told theyd get lowly for hardaway and shumpert, or one of them plus draft pick.

    dolan will probably go through with it. dumbass
  21. i want coach casey to get fired so jonas can be unleashed as the low post threat he is
    someone needs to reign in derozan, make him more efficient
  22. Toronto took that retarded contract for landry fields. Theyre both retarded

    Knicks and toronto trading scrubs back and forth is hilarious.

    I heard it was felton that was in the deal for lowry though
  23. mean while
    u guys seen steph curry the other night

    most watchable player in the league, hands down

    idont really like watching the heat tho

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