Nonsence to compare!

Discussion in '2002 Ford Focus RS WRC' started by dejan556, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Todays WRC cars are just platforms made for tuning. They have nothing to do with standard models.
    Tyres, different engine tuning, suspension, drivers capability on different tracks, quality of the material, tactics, whole team quality, cash flow a.s.o. are factors who are deciding which TEAM is winner or looser.
    Diferences between these cars which are tiny.

    To compare this cars is nonsence.

    On the other hand, some of this companys are producing street versions of WRC cars and they are easy to compare.

    Thank You....
  2. Re: Nonsence to compare!

    Well actually, it is quite easy to compared the different WRC Team cars. As you said, just like in le mans, or GTP racing, the basic models serve only as a platform on which to develop a brand new much more performant car. Because of the regulations and limitations though, each car as a final output just about the same as everyone else, after all who'd want to be running the championship with a car less performant than anybody else?

    Because of these restrictions, it is easy to compare the different car based on handling and such. They all have the approx same amount of torque, or HP, then handling, driver, and tyres can easily be compared due to weigth and aeroydynamics.

    Just as in nascar, with restriction plates, one engine rules and such, almost every one pretty much have the same performance on a dyno, it's all about aerodynamics, fine-tuning and driving.

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