Noone likes us

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, Dec 7, 2004.

  1. Best Avatar ever.
  2. That's the funniest joke ever.
  3. i'll take that as a hugeass no.
  4. People still talk about cars on Weird...
  5. yeah, i know...strange isn't it?
  6. You pick up quickly.
  7. well, i don't like to brag...
  8. Any other guesses? Perhaps my appearing in this thread is not a coincidence.
  9. yeah, i kinda figured it out
  10. you may also try to figure out whether my appearance in this thread is a coincidence
  11. well yeah that was obvious
  12. glad you got it. See you on UCP (too)
  13. i'd rather have fun, thanks
  14. Someone tell me my UCP password. Apperently I dont know.
  15. uranus
  16. You can have your password send to your email address.
  17. Can you do it?
  18. PM me with your email address.
  19. The falming at sc is mutual but people leave if they take it seriously

    you know in gradeschool, when all the cool kids sat at 1 lunch table and made fun of each other jokingly, and the kid from the shortbus table came up and someone made fun of them, he went back and sat back at his table and kept telling all his friends how stupid the other table is.

    UCP is that other table.

  20. Done!!1
  21. [email protected][email protected]":!one
  22. its also funny how they come here and try to convince us, while reps of like wheelman and communista go over and talk proffesionaly.
  23. the UCP table description sounds about right, good analogy, the SCN table I don't know too well to give an opinion, may be I should start coming here more often.
  24. lol...have they done that?
  25. This isn't the best place in the world,
    It shouldn't be called (Anything goes)
    I am one that has moved from the fun to the boring side UCP and i must say dam it's not a good place really. The last 7 months there have been bad really tuff 3000+ post's. 100 new friends that listen, It's tuff.

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