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  1. hahah i saw you for a second and wondered if that was you, but figured the chances were slim and that I was being ridiculous
  2. he was friends with my irl friends
  3. does this go kart thing cost significant quantities of money?
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  5. its like $45 a race. its a ripoff. i say go to malibu which is like right off 101 as well. $20 and you can race ALL DAY
  6. "Racing Option - $25.00
    Available only on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday
    UNLIMITED Turbo Go-Kart laps or Grand Prix Car laps for ONLY $ 25.00*"
  7. pretty much
  8. "Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday"
  10. quit your stupid schools/jobs.
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  13. so ya what time are we meetin' again?
  14. Me and Kitsune are going to be at GKR around 6-7 on Saturday, you all can join if you'd like.
  15. book me a flight there

    and im down with that
  16. ugh screw gokart racer. im out
  17. ugh screw gokart racer. im out
  18. Only if I get free handouts.
  19. lets go to lemans. its close
  20. when
    more info plz
  21. lemans is in fremont
  22. Link
  23. CrystalBaller is in fremont
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  25. dude vicious stfu

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