NorCal meet

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Kitsune, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. you realize what you made me just do right?
  2. UGH, please I drive for like 7 1/2 hours from San Diego to Sac-town all the #$%#ing time.
  3. umm no?
  4. That sucks for you, do you have a point?
  5. tim, I'll drive you. remember that time we drove 21 hours straight?

    and I'm more down to eat some food and maybe drink some beers but I'll do whateevr
  6. Anything under 8 hours is nothing. Unless you are sitting in traffic it's #$%# and shit. Also carpool, man.
  7. Well this is going no where.
  8. my post disappeared. tim, I'll drive you. remember that time we drove 21 hours straight? it was recently
  9. Does Concord sound like a good middle ground for everyone?
  10. UGH thats what we did last time and it was the worst meat ever. wtf are you gonna do in that shithole?
  11. I concur with the eating food and drinking beers part, maybe we should just find a pub in the city or something.
  12. I'm with adrian, let's go to a place that we think won't suck. conveniently going to somewhere boring is pointless
  13. Get drunk and get rowdy with the locals.
  14. Also, I'm actually 21 this time, so we can go somewhere with booxe.
  15. holy crap youre only 21? i thought you were 25/26 or something.
  16. The Warf then?
  17. i'll come if someone flies me out. kitsune, i'm lookin at you.
  18. Nope, turned 21 in October.
  19. the problem is the half way point between the bay and sac is nothing but cows and hills
  20. theres nothing wrong with getting drunk and pushing cows down hills.
  21. Let's go wine tasting!
  22. Could see if Sear's Point is open track that day?
  23. I don't think Sears Point ever has open track.
  24. sounds good to me.
  25. I'll be racing there the 14th and 15th

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