NorCal meet

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Kitsune, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. With what body?
  2. wtf are we gonna do there
  3. body? with mah car unless it's still apart
  4. Lol, no I mean SCCA/NASA or whatever.
  5. stop posting on the internet and fix your car to find out.
  6. i can bring me tub of hotwheels n we can find some dirt lot and make sweet tunnels n shit
  7. ahhhhh duh, NASA. won't be too upset if I don't do it but I'd like to run on the new tires before the first SCCA event
  8. someone scope out a restaurant in the east bay that is cheapish and serves booze or has a bar nearby.
  9. 7-11 has food and 40s
  10. Someone with Google Earth can do that.
  11. hairdressers club of america
  12. we don't wear helmets for style
  13. There's a BJs in Vacaville, or Blue Frog here, or Elephant Bar and a bunch of other stuff in the Walnut Creek area, or prolly a million things in/around Berkeley.
  14. Hey you're alive.
  15. yeah lets go somewhere where we can get buzzzzzzzzzzzed
  16. Sacramento=fail.
  17. Hey assholes, include me, I'm dying for attention.

    Also, I got down with FR once. He likes his Dr. Octagon.
  18. Oh and I disappear to South America to take down Colombians in like the 17th. Let's get somewhere between hammerredeerrddrr and #$%#ed in half drunk.
  20. Do you drink?
  21. dude, where the hell did you just come from
  22. jew and I agree that the prescence of booze is a must
  23. not if "FM" is there though.

    He has a problem with alcohol.

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