North Korea, legit or not?

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  1. Look's totally normal for NK tv to me, plastic plants are in one of the wide shots with huge monument. Also some Euro army resorted to having soldiers yell "bang" instead of firing weapons in training due to ammo shortages, at least NK fired a couple.
  2. We actually yell "pinda" (peanut) for single shots and "zakje pinda's" (bag of peanuts) if it's ratatata fire
  3. Is China (lol not "Chyna"!) still backing up NK?
  4. Maybe
  5. "put it in your zakje"
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  6. Here's a video released by the state media agency (KCNA), not that dissimilar:

  7. Also apparently there's are tons of different uniforms issued to NK soldiers these days. It's hard to come by anything reliable in the internet regarding North Korean standard issue stuff because everything military-related is a state secret.

    Kinda like how Western designations of Soviet military equipment were still way off in the 80's, despite spies, military observers and all that shit.

  8. After watching this bit, I'm now 99% sure it's legit... **** me seriously


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