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    yes the z does come wit 300hp but u MUST have the twin turbo. but if u dont have a twin turbo it wont have 300hp
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    i will eat your car for breakfast or anytime

    1996 Toyota SUpra Twin turbo
    Cold air intake
    direct port nos
    smoker's 4" exaust
    20" enki Rims
    i got about 2 bottles of nos in my car so watch out DUDE!!!
    it goes just about 220.7 mph

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    My bro-in-law has one of these and has had a lot of problems with it. I do like the Z's but I think they just can't compare to the possibilities of a bigger engine.<!-- Signature -->
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    dude owning a car in japan sucks ass, first off-think taxes. you pay for like 10 of you car in the first year!, then the japanese bastards say you have to have a gay 276hp max. whats with that?<!-- Signature -->
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    ok, u cant limit the horsepower of a car, its not possible, engines dont produce power, they produce torque, power is merely a useful byproduct of producing torque every so many seconds (rpm)

    so no car can be limited to 276hp, u can limit its top speed by matching engine revs to gear ratios, then setting the ECU to stop extra fuel going in2 the engine at that given speed, no matter how much the accelerator pedal is pressed, but power doesnt work like that

    u can limit the turbo boost with a pop-off valve, or limit the amount of air going in2 the engine with an inlet restrictor, both of these methods r used on racecars, but i cant say ive ever heard of a road car use them

    therefore the reason japanese cars have 'about' 280hp is because thats how much hp theyve been designed to produce, they r NOT physically limited to that, which is y if u dyno test an R34 GTR or a 22B-STi, the reading will be 320+ for the nissan and about 300 for the Scooby, at the flywheel of course

    if the 300ZX is so damned good, what with all this technology nissan apparently throws at it, y does it only produce 39.6kgm of torque (latest japanese spec. TT) as opposed to 46.0kgm for the supra (latest japanese spec. TT)???....theyre both 3000cc, 6cyl, TT

    so which 3000cc, 6cyl, TT engine is not as good as the 300ZXs???....and y?
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    Yes I agree Cream ;-)

    But you also have to remember that the Supra has its boost turned heigher than a 300ZX too, and I think they have larger injectors from stock.
    As for the BHP thing. There is a law in Japan that no Mass Produced car can have more then 280bhp. To stop them going over they do stuff like turn down the boost, so that once its out of the show room £150 or $200 worth of Chip mods and the car will be upto the standard it was designed for. I dont believe that all the Japanese car companies start designing a car that will be 280bhp. Its ofter it sold is where a car gets its reputation for being fast. Why can the 300ZX gearbox stand over 600bhp. Why can the crank stand over 1000bhp? Because Nissan started designing a car with an engine that can produce 400 maybe 500bhp, but then because of the law they had to limit it to 280, with smaller turbos, smaller injectors fuel flow. Think of it. All the other car Jap 3L Turbos have the boost up to 12psi, all probably have the same turbo on that can do 14psi very happily, the reason the Nissan 300ZX psi is set at 9, not even 2/3s of its capability, is becuase at 12 it will be too powerful for the Jap laws.
    The reason it was 300 in the first place was the law came out just after the 300ZX was finishe and already selling. The 1996 was 280. As for the Supra being 320, the word is that Toyota send a detuned one to be tested, ie low boost and there was also talk of a back hand transaction being made.
    Back to the point. This is not a slow car. Its heavy yes, but look at the starts, infact dont cos they are way out.
    You get a Chip, induction, good exhaust and decatt the down pipes and you will be pulling 400bhp easliy.

    No I am not bias, they are just the 2nd best 3L twin turbo in the world, and I own one. See here


    If you are wondering about the best 3L Twin Turbo, its a F40
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    ok, there is no LAW in japan about 280hp, its a 'gentlemens agreement'...its not illegal to make a stock 500hp car, it is just frowned upon because then every1 will try and make a 600hp car to beat you, which apparently is bad (although, seriously, will some1 tell me the bad points of having lotsa power straight from the factory???)

    in actual fact very few '280hp' cars have 280hp, even without a $200 chip or whatever, straight off the production line they will produce 300+ (the R34 GTR much more than that) at the flywheel, they just pretend that it has 280hp then try to look puzzled when their car can keep up with 400hp machines (hmmm, how did that happen?)

    i think the 2JZ-GTE in the supra is a superior engine because it was designed to be a racecar engine, unlike the 3000GT engine, but similar to the 300ZX engine which was used in late 80s Nissan GTP sportscars (have i got that right?) producing about 800hp

    Also, is the supra engine just a 2-litre straight-4 from Toyota's early 90s rally cars with an extra 2 cylinders on the end?
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    Let me explain, the reason it says 300 bhp is beacuse it adds about 10% more hp to reg. hp. Bhp=brack hp,whp=wheel hp, reg. hp=horsepower, this sit was based i think by russians and their they use BHP not like here where we use HP
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from CreamOfTheCrop7</i>
    <b>hey SRRae i have a few questions about your u.k. spec 300zx. first off you have headlight washers correct? also do you have headlights which change directions with a switch? i have seen a few jap spec z's with adjustable headlights. and do you have heated leather seats in that? because my z doesent have headlight washers or heated seats. by the way i like your steering wheel, i had that same one in my non-turbo z and liked it much better then the one i have now with an airbag. nice car</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    No the headlights dont change direction. I think heated seats and heated mirrors where an optional extra, but mine doesnt have it. I know the US has adjustable shocks, touring and sports, the UK dont.
    Some of the differences can be found here.

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    Joey520, maybe not....

    BHP (brake horsepower) refers to the fact that the torque of the engine is measured using a brake, the rotor is grabbed by a caliper and then the engine has to try and turn the rotor around, how well it does this depends on the torque (this is how if your car is powerful enough, it can actually melt the dyno, because even if the brake pads are being pushed on2 the rotor with huge force, the engine is still strong enough to spin the rotor around, causing huge friction which melts the rotor....1 of the reasons y dragster engines cant be dyno tested)

    so horsepower at the flywheel, horsepower at the rear wheels, horsepower at the crank, horsepower anywhere can be measured using a no matter which figure is quoted, it will always be measured in BHP
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from adamsalo</i>
    <b>i will eat your car for breakfast or anytime

    1996 Toyota SUpra Twin turbo
    Cold air intake
    direct port nos
    smoker's 4" exaust
    20" enki Rims
    i got about 2 bottles of nos in my car so watch out DUDE!!!
    it goes just about 220.7 mph

    SUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    I find that hard to believe. Supra owners just don't get 20 inch rims. With all those modifications, I'm sure you've had your car dynoed by now. So what kind of figures are we looking at? 220.7 is a high top speed.<!-- Signature -->
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    The Japanese spec twin-turboed 300zx has 300hp standard

    This says Turbocharged V6. If its supposed be twin-turboed then this is right. I dont think it's an automatic transmission issue either considering only 5% where made in manual transmission.
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    If you really got a Dinan M3, congrats, that's a nasty car.

    I like the supra guy, he's funny, gives us something to laugh at. All that nos and a 4" exhaust on stock turbos and injectors. Hey Cream, get on if you're not there already. The closest thing to driving a Z is sharing kill stories and tech tips all day.

    This will answer the questions about the 280 HP Z

    And the reason the 1996 TTZ had lower output was because of OBD II, not because of a gentlemens bet/japanese law/samurai code.
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    If those stats are right, how can some of you say that the 300zx will take the camaro in a 1/4 race, my camaro pulls 14.4-14.6 stock in the 1/4 mile, and mine pulls a 5.8 in the 0-60, so the way i see it, there is no way you can say stock for stock the 300 will take it, i love the 300 but dont be stupid
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    first, 20" rims are ugly. second, why don't you just tape a coffee can on to your muffler? FOUR INCH EXHAUST?? thats retarded. third, nos is nothing to brag about. and the fact that you have "about 2 bottles in your car" just makes it twice as stupid. DUDE. 220.7? thats awfully specific. where exactly have you had your car that fast...and why? what are you doing talking about your supra in the Z forum. go away.

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    Doesn't matter, modify this acr and it will KILL!
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    OK i agree with speeddemon mod this car and it will be fast as hell. a guy i know has a heavily modded 300ZX and it is what makes me respect these cars. i am even considering purchasing one. thats that guys 700hp Z its a 91 but still these cars can be made to fly. now ill admit i love domestics but there are 2 imports i truely love and they would be the Z and the RX7. These cars are just balls out fast. the only flaw with them that i have heard of is insufficient cooling to the 5th and 6th cylinder. something about the cooling jackets being too small at the back of the block.. but thats an easy fix.

    ohh and just so you know my name doesnt mean that i hate imports i hate the retards that throw a wing and a kit on their car and think they are the shiet.. and its not only imports i see this on.. many domestics are the same way.. cav's probes and even camaros and mustangs.. i just dont understand all show no go.. just saying that to make sure you guys know that i dont hate imports.. prolly was a waste of time.
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    i wasnt really planning on spraying.. i want to build an engine that doesnt need engine crack (something the people at RSX forums have been calling NOS)
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    yeah i kinda figured it would be hard to find a nice TT but its worth a try and if not ill get an NA then end up throwing like a turbonetics turbo on it.
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    ok when you list your cars mods please try to stick to performance upgrades. This is Supercars not Superstereos.
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    that will never happen unless you got another 7-8K to spend. BTW: i am ModsDriveSlowCars.
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    A v8 aint as fun as a big T66 turbo kickin up yer backside thow!
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    spraying??? why does that remind me of the video with the fat redneck rambling on?
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    because you are a fat redneck rambling on?
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    much cheaper to just buy a TT. Rather than tring to upgrade a NA engine.

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