Not a concept, but a reality

Discussion in '1926 Miller 91' started by Ender, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Apparently Honda is putting this car into production, because I was walking down by Newport beach today and saw this car parked near the beach, with some camera crews near it. I guess they were filming a commercial for the soon to be released car. I think that's indication enough that it will be released.<!-- Signature -->
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    Yes it is true. they are putting This concept into production starting in about 2 months or so. It is going to be built at the east liberty plant in East Liberty Ohio.
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    its fukin nasty
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    This shit is sooooo freaking ugly!!!!!!! take it away!
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    umm sorry to break this to you guys but i just seen this ugly SUV going by when i was in the car going home.

    not only i seen this on the street for the second time but when i looked at the honda place i seen these s**tty boxes in a line in a different color.

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