not a hummer.

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  1. the thing about this car is it is not a hummer, when GM rebadged yukon as the escalade, no one cared, so they made a "new car", but to rebagde and put some new plastic on a yukon and call it a hummer is just stupid, the escalade didnt have anything to live up to, but the H2 was suposed to live up to the H1, which it failed misrably at, so the resone people dont like this car is not that it is not a good car, but its hot a hummer, its not what it claims to be.
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    meh, as long as it looks the same, i'm happy
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    thats cuz your shallow.
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    First of all, the Escalade has been extremely popular. They gave it a more powerful engine, better styling (that is very distinctive), and more luxury features.

    Second, the H2 is using GM parts, but it's hardly just a rebadged Yukon. It isn't even built in the same factory.

    The H2 doesn't weigh 760 pounds more than the Escalade simply because of "some new plastic". The chassis and body are designed to be stiffer, and consequently much heavier. The more vertically oriented panels of the H2 (windows, body, etc.) make it more rigid. It has a long wheelbase, but a comparatively short overall length, due to the short overhang in the front and rear, which greatly improves it's approach/departure angle capabilities. It's also wider than most other SUV's, which makes it more stable, especially off-road. It has a skid plate, and extensive underbody protection. All of those features are derived from the H1.

    The H2 wasn't designed "to live up to the H1", since that would have been impossible while designing a vehicle that would only cost half as much money. The H2 was designed to be a much more affordable Hummer that retained much of the H1's off-road capability, while being a better, and more practical daily driver (faster, easier to park, etc.). It does this while offering most of the luxury and comfort of similarly priced SUV's that aren't nearly as capable off-road.

    As far as people not liking the H2, if that was the case then they wouldn't be selling so well.
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    they sold well in the begining, for the same resone the new bettle did, but when the irony drops off so do sales, just as they are now.
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    If you live in a city in the U.S. with a Hummer dealer then you see H2's everywhere. Sales have tapered the past two months in large part because this was the first model year and many of the people that wanted this vehicle have already purchased it. At this point a lot of people are also waiting for the 2004 models that should be available in the near future, and are rumored to have cosmetic enhancements.

    GM has struck gold with this design and it will probably be the cornerstone of the Hummer brands success for years to come.
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    I agree, this is not a hummer, there are pictures circulating around the internet about H2 crashes, c'mon, a REAL hummer would withstand these crashes with minimal damages, but nope, an H2 isn't as tough as the original H1, and never will be. I don't know why I'm complaining, I guess it's late, and I really don't have nothing else to do. There's a picture of a H2 and a Dodge Ram that collided and guess which has more damage? that's right, the H2. They should have at least made it stronger, even if they raised the price tag just a little.
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    it's still on a figgen yukon chassis.
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    a good vehicle is a good vehicle. But the hummer is too big to be a daily driver. I hate seeing soccer moms backing up traffic cause they can't parrellel park these. Go park in the bushes!!!
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    People people people. Why does everyone keep going on about how it's not as good as the H1? Of course some elements aren't going to be as good, it's half the price!! At least now it's way more attractive than the H1. And it still has great off-road capabilites. But really, who goes off-road in their Hummer anyway? Exactly.
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    the H2 is junk! the thing would stand an hour against the H1. i wouldn't but it, ever!
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    I agree. The H2 is built on the standard GMC truck chassis thus loosing all the unique off-road bits that made the H1 a Hummer.
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    The H2 is a heavy piece of crap with no off-road capabilities.

    FU H2!!!
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    I agree completely... The H2 is a disgrace to the name Hummer. Then again, GM has a thing for taking something that is near perfect, and turning it to shit... (H2, GTO, Nova, Malibu, Impala)
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    This is like the Fierro of SUVs... it's scraped together from multiply other cars, because it's not worthy of it's own parts. These are a piece of CRAP! try taking one of these off road... YOU GONNA DIE!
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    a true "american" masterpiece. if you cannot sense the sarcasm, you need to get you're head checked. i hate everything about the h2. gets horrible gas milage, disgrace to the hummer name, i hate american gas guzzlin monsters but the h1 is truly beautiful (even though it gets the worst milage possible on a newer vehicle).
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    dear god thank you for people who actually realize the shitiness of these trucks. where i live these are like the real hot thing. the janitor at my school even has one. i try to tell people that they are just a rebadged yukon but nobody believes me. when i came to this forum i expected a bunch of praise but i glad you guys see beneath the hype of a automobile.
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  19. The Hummer has gone down hill sence GM has bought it. The H1 is an offroad king that GM has killed. it's just another chevy truck, and hey, those aren't inpressive at all. WORLD WIDE CARS put in a good argument with lots of points though.

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